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    I haven't been on this forum for awhile since my project had many delays. We still aren't done but done enough to test the bike and me out last Friday. Video and pics from my practice day at Road Atlanta yesterday. We missed the morning sessions due to some issues but rode the 3 afternoon sessions. The video starts with me being pushed to pit out and the first time ever back on a motorcycle one day prior to my 6 year crash anniversary. I'm pretty sketchy the first session out. At 6:41 the video flips to the third session and I'm already much more comfortable. I took about 30 seconds off my lap times from just the first to third sessions. Got down to a 2:11 in the third session which is slow but I was still being conservative since it's all still new to me. Before my crash I think I turned 1:44's at Road Atlanta on my Aprilia/RZ 396cc 2T hybrid. Huge props to Doug McCracken. I wouldn't have been out there if it weren't for him. More mods to the bike are coming. Also have to thank Sue, Dustin Ducote, Pops, Richie, Edwin, Stick, all of WERA and many more who helped me along the way to get me where I am today. I decided to not race Saturday because I would have to start from pit lane and I know I'd get lapped. Some racers have traveled far and are spending hard earned money to race and I don't want to get in their way if fighting for a win or position. We had a great day and much to build upon. https://youtu.be/vteXo1czNWE https://youtu.be/ZHIXCDr1cN4
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    BLR always endorses the use of proper OSHA approved PPE ...
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    I did my first track day with my winter modifications at NJMP on Monday 06/03/19 The new suspension, Ohlin’s cartridges, KTech Razor RR stock and AP dog bone linkage have transformed my FZ. I also have a more aggressive riding position with the woodcraft clip ons and rearsets. i started with the manufacturers settings which were pretty close. After a warm up session I had the local suspension tuner dial it in for me. I really couldn’t be happier with the feel and performance. I had a good day and rode well, also got to use my GoPro that my boys got me for Christmas. Here are a couple of clips. On the rear camera video, you can here my modified stock exhaust, I think it sounds good. Second clip will only imbed link https://youtu.be/xPZuBmj5v5w Ed
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    Just installed my Corbin seat and it's awesome! I realize there are several other Corbin posts out there but I figured I'd add my input and pics as well. Install was simple. It hooks underneath the metal fuel tank (not the factory seat hook) at the front and attaches using the factory rear seat latch. When I first installed it, I had to push down pretty hard on the rear to get it to latch. I added 2 small washers under the hook at the rear to make it latch a little easier and now it's perfect. The fit and finish is impressive and I like the looks of the seat much more than I was expecting to. I'm 6/2 and 215lbs and I have about 350ish miles on the seat now and the first thing I noticed is that it adds a noticeable amount of height over the factory seat (and even the Seat Concepts seat this is replacing). I'm now leaned a little more forward now. I wasn't expecting that but luckily I happen to have taller replacement handlebars laying around that I'll install to help get myself more upright again. The height seems to come from the added shape to the front of the seat where it meets the tank. Much more material here than stock. The seat has a nice curve at the rear of the front seat that, as others have mentioned, works nice to hold you in place during hard acceleration. The seat still allows easy maneuvering from side to side for spirited riding although that will likely be different with other seat coverings. I can say though that the seat shape doesn't impede side-to-side movement. I have the Gunfighter model which has a smaller profile at the rear as compared to their more pillion-friendly Gunfighter and Lady version. I don't take passengers but I'm willing to bet that my seat is much more comfy than the stock rear seat. Another thing to note about the rear is that it is nice and flat making it easy to strap a tailbag to it which I like. Ballparking the amount of time before I started feeling some discomfort on each seat goes something like this: stock seat = 1hr or so, Seat Concepts foam and cover replacement = 1.5-2hrs, Corbin = 3+hrs so far. Of course these are my findings and everybody will have different results but I can comfortably go a full tank of gas now without squirming around in the seat. I should mention that even once I start to feel some discomfort, it stays manageable now and I'm finding that I really don't need to move around like I did with the previous seats. Things may change as the seat breaks in and I'll keep this post updated on any new info. I ordered the seat here as they had the best prices I could find: https://biohazardcycles.com/corbin-y-fz7-14-g-gunfighter-saddle-seat-fz07-fz-07/ Seat showed up about 3 weeks later. The options I went with are: Black Carbon Fiber for the seat, tail, and welt. Asphalt Vinyl for the sides. Black stitching and logo. On to the pics,
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    Got the numbers changed back, the suspension returned to my spec, the oil changed and the bike prepped for the next race in 8 days. More hardware for the cuddle case. Forecast for 3 more days of rain, woo-hoo! This will be a joint race hosting the CCS (Championship Cup Series) by our club, CRA (Central Roadracing Association) on the Donnybrooke course. This is referred to as the 'long course' and consists of a 3.1 mile, 10 turn configuration utilizing the NHRA drag strip making turn 1 the fastest corner in North America. Speeds of 199mph by a motorcycle and 201mph by a car have been recorded here. Giddyup kids! Break out the U-boat again, These are from the formula 40 race in the rain at Brainerd International Raceway.
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    ive been a long time user of Graves. On a motor with this configuration(inline twin) there is not going to be much difference in performance between systems but my goals with this bike include making it as light as possible so the titanium system fits this goal. I am also a huge fan of Graves quality and feel good about supporting a true American made system The easiest full system I have ever installed on a bike and the sounds is pure eargasmic! one of the best sounding bikes ive ever owned.
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    Hello all, I'm brand new to the forum and have ended up here more times than not in my internet endeavors, so I figured I might as well join. So thanks for having me. ANYWAY... I was in the market for some luggage and ended up going the Shad route as it seemed to be the cleanest mounting system. My only concern was the way their tank bag mounts to our bikes with distance relationship between the tank ring and handlebars. I was concerned there would be clearance issues with the bag contacting the gauge cluster at full lock. HOWEVER, I installed them today and there are no issues at all. The base plate on all three bags are adjustable fore and aft, so as long as you move the base plate as far forward as it can go you'll be in business. Sorry if this has been addressed before, but I couldn't find it. Disregard the messy garage.
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    Glad you're relatively OK. Thanks for sharing your story. I had a similar accident a bunch of years ago when I did a shoulder check to change lanes when the vehicle in front of me had to panic brake due to getting cut off. I continued to ride afterwards and learned from it. Everyone needs to make their own choice whether to ride depending on all the factors that need taken into consideration. Hopefully the insurance company totals the bike and you can get a new one with ABS. I bought my FZ-07 new in 2017 just to get ABS when I was looking for my first bike in almost 30 years. Short of tracking my FZ, I saw no down side, for me, to having ABS.
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    675 or 765? I'm at a crossroads as to what to do, I don't know if I want to pump more money into my FZ-07 at the moment, when I could put it towards a (765 used) in a year or so. I'd keep the FZ-07 because I love it. AHH feck it, I'll join the RABBIT HOLE CLUB.
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    Glad you are ok! I had ABS on my 636 zx6r for years and never used it thankfully. I bought the fz07 on a whim because I found a great deal. Didnt know they had an abs version. Now I'm kicking myself for not researching before hand.
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    You going to run the Ram-air intake? or was it already being used? I would love to see what you trap speed would be at before your braking marker for turn 1. That's a hell of a straight since I already think the competition course is pretty long and fast. I can't think of another track that has that much of a start/finish straight oohh Tooele Utah,(correct me if I'm wrong) but the altitude and dust messes with the bikes. Anyway, Good Luck I'm sure your gonna have fun, I really enjoy these posts. Thanks P.S I love that open camping is nicknamed "The Zoo"
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    I appreciate the advice Beemer! I will be leaving my turn signals on. Safety is numero uno!!
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    Safety before looks. That how I roll too. That TST light is next on my list. Thanks DewMan
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    I'm yet to engage ABS in my 8 years of riding, but I was very happy to pick up an ABS MT-07 as my daily commuter, just to know it's there and might one day save my ass. It's usually car drivers that give me the close calls, but like anything, we all lose concentration every now and then and your distraction was unlucky to coincide with someone stopping suddenly in front of you. Glad you're OK, but don't lose faith in riding. Heal up and get back on two wheels. You'll pay a lot more attention from now on
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    Glad you came out of that wreck semi-OK. It looks like it could have been way worse! That video turns my stomach as it's so easy to happen. Worse yet, I have the same color FZ as yours. You have got me thinking about ABS big time! Heal well - Heal quick!
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    Welcome to the forum @Jmbuschschulte. Thanks for the photos. It is great to see how different parts actually fit.
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    Not everyone thinks alike so with that in mind I have to say that as far as a cleaner, sharper looking bike goes the bike is just that with the TST alone but then there becomes the question about visibility to others. Personally, I would sacrifice a little of the cool looks for my safety and keep the other signals in place. I have the TST light myself and personally, I don't feel 100% about people seeing that small, integrated, unseparated turn signal, especially on a bright day at distance. I'm currently looking to put regular rear turn signals back on mine because my gut tells me to do so. It's a personal thing, do whatever you think is best or pleases you.
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    Really thinking about doing either this or one of the angel eye retrofits for the FZ09 pre 2017 into the FZ
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    Hey man, glad you like my bike! Visit the beautiful state of Wisconsin and you will have all the beer and cheese you can handle! I just checked out those integrated taillights from TST. Pretty sharp looking. Do people ever keep their rear turn signals with the integrated taillight? Or does that look kind of goofy when your turn signal is on..?
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    Got my bike with very little info about what the original owner did to it for mods. As it tuned out, I got a lot of them! Yoshimura exhaust (the carbon fiber one), DNA air filter, lower bars, the motion pro throttle tube (that I only noticed after buying one to install! ).... hope I find more. But I was not sure if the ECU was flashed to handle the mods correctly. I was going to send it to 2wheeldyno works, but after looking at local options, I found a very reputable dyno/racing shop about 20min from me that had a few race FZ 07's for sale. I removed the ecu, dropped it off, and within 24hours I have what feels like a new motorcycle. Roll on throttle is way smoother, mid and high end RPM's are actually usable, and the engine braking is way less noticeable. I know that last one could be put into a "negative pile" for some, but to each their own. On top of all this, the engine feels less buzzy. Almost like the timing has been adjusted properly! If you live in the Portland area, go see the good people at EDR performance. If you don't, please send what you got to 2WDW.
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    Edr does some crazy stuff with the fz07. Their motors make like 100to the wheels with the work they do it makes me really want to get a motor build lol
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    Well, better late than never. After a busy weekend competing in the MotoAmerica Dunlop Championship round at Road America here it is; 21st place. We were unable to get Nathan qualified on his Suzuki SV650 due to some mechanical issues but we got Tony out there on Blue Line Racings Yamaha FZ07R and had a wonderful time. Re-connected with some old friends, made some new ones and created some magnificent memories. Congratulations to all those on the podium and to those behind the scenes that made it possible. Ground zero; During National Anthem the whole back paddock stopped and faced this flag as it was the only one visable. Very cool to see a hundred people face the flag in a show of respect. And one of the worn out happy pit boss, On a related note, Blue Line Racing has entered into discussions for a possible full season of MotoAmerica Twins Cup for 2020. Stay tuned for details.
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    I see 4 countries, USA,CAN,MEX,GBR. Just being a stickler, busting balls, thats Awesome, roll on Road-America.
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    Well, I got it turned around, bike & chain cleaned, oil and filter changed, everything tripple checked AND; even more excitingly, have another team member and his bike all headed to Road America in a few days! Blue Line Racing welcomes Nate on his SV650 to the team! There are 33 entrants for the race from 3 countries! Legit.
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    So far, so good. Friday was a glorious day. Sunny and warm(ish). I had some fun on it in morning practice before we got the bike dialed in in the afternoon for Tony to run at Road America. Makes a crap ton of power, suspension spot on, new Dunlop spec tires are awesome after getting pressure and temperature dialed in. There was an unnamed pro from the MotoAmerica Twins Cup points chase here testing to run against in practice. Not bad, very happy with our situation. Saturday is 40 degrees, rainy and 30 mph winds, grrate... Tony put the bike on the podium in the trophy dash, said he's never been so happy on a bike, good news. But he nearly shagged a brand new rear rain tire as the track dried between rain cells during the race. I worked as a corner captain for the day since they were short of volunteer track workers due to weather, go figure. During lunch break I found out that out that our competitors had got my bike ready for Tony (busy racing his own bikes) to race in the trophy dash for me since I was busy working a corner. SOLID!! Overall a perfect day. Tomorrow who knows, forecast is for armagedon, we'll see. I'm scheduled to run the Formula 40 (old guy) race on it as set up for Tony. Should be a fun challenge. We'll see if I can get a 'trophy', lol. All in all a great outing. Got it dialed in spot on for Tony. Looking forward to Road America in 2 weeks! Get off the couch and stop daydreaming your life away! Blue Line Racing.
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    Wish I was there, stay dry, and "rubber-side-down" -
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    Ahhh... Home.
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    Ready, set, go!
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    @Kondox follow the link in the post. Any 3.7v Li-ion battery should work, but that size I linked to fits for sure.
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