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    Here's an interesting set of graphs from today's skunk works session. These compare similar Suzuki SV builds to my Yamaha. Due to club racing superbike rules package these are all on stock bore even tho the SV's are allowed a 2mm overbore if they were racing in MotoAmerica. The Yamaha's aren't allowed an overbore in either to keep things closer. The yellow trace is my builders personal 2nd Gen SV race bike. It has bored throttle bodies, ported head, shaved gaskets, lightened flywheel, cams, stock bore, running 91 pump gas. This was previously the stud on the superbike grid. The blue trace is my race partners 1st Gen SV. It has massive flat slide carbs, ported head, cams, shaved gaskets and running E85 for fuel (don't get me started). He needs to re-jet a little to get fueling correct between 9,000 and 10,000rpm. The green trace is my previously posted final tuned run. Several ways to get to the same point on a graph. Yamaha has a distinct edge in mid-range and no longer falls over at high rpm with the intake work vs stock. And I'm pretty sure there's some cheater parts in those old SV's like Hayabusa or JE pistons, the classic "I don't know what's in there" or "it must been like that when I got it", lol, whatever. Either way there's 2 butt hurt Suzuki guys now.
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    About to pull the trigger on a 2019 Tracer 900 GT. Haven't been this excited (about a bike) since I got my FZ-07 in 2015. It's been an awesome bike but it's time to get something with just a little more for what I want.
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    Got my bike with very little info about what the original owner did to it for mods. As it tuned out, I got a lot of them! Yoshimura exhaust (the carbon fiber one), DNA air filter, lower bars, the motion pro throttle tube (that I only noticed after buying one to install! ).... hope I find more. But I was not sure if the ECU was flashed to handle the mods correctly. I was going to send it to 2wheeldyno works, but after looking at local options, I found a very reputable dyno/racing shop about 20min from me that had a few race FZ 07's for sale. I removed the ecu, dropped it off, and within 24hours I have what feels like a new motorcycle. Roll on throttle is way smoother, mid and high end RPM's are actually usable, and the engine braking is way less noticeable. I know that last one could be put into a "negative pile" for some, but to each their own. On top of all this, the engine feels less buzzy. Almost like the timing has been adjusted properly! If you live in the Portland area, go see the good people at EDR performance. If you don't, please send what you got to 2WDW.
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    I cant argue that one bit. Theyre also local to me so even if their prices weren't as good as they already are, I'd still be inclined to support their business. With that being said, Im still to cheap. HAHA. My friends say Im a tight ass... I once swallowed a penny and pooped copper wire.
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    Here's some more good news, That's some serious giddyup in the lightweight/twins class, that's middleweight speed!
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    If you add up what their tune and that full exhaust costs if you buy it anywhere else, its already a good sized discount they are offering. They basically knock a couple hundred off the full exhaust price when you buy it with a tune.
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    Last year they had a Father's Day sale. Perhaps they will do that again this year.
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    I'm running higher intensity LED bulbs in the OEM signals. I have no plans to change them.
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    Motorcycles don't experience the same pulling issue as four-wheeled vehicles. Even if the rear tire is crooked in the swingarm and the forks are twisted in the clamps, there are only two tires, so the bike will self-correct and go straight. Now, the bike between the tires might be crooked and crab-walking as a result, but it won't pull the bike/bars one way or the other. There's just not enough tires on the ground to redirect and pull the bike around. I had a buddy that swore his bike was pulling and he asked me to follow him and watch. When we stopped I asked if he realized how far off-center he was riding on the saddle. "Huh?" The bike had a shift lever that stuck out really far and he was unconsciously shifting that way to compensate. He's a big boy at around 260lbs. That amount of weight off-center was enough to make the bike feel like it was pulling. I had this issue once with a really unbalanced load of groceries in the saddlebags That said, the dealership should be willing to at least look at the bike, even though I'm sure all dealerships spend a lot of time dealing with little niggles that suck up a lot of their time. So, we can be compassionate for them while still expecting good service, but without demanding anything. But yeah, you are under warranty and they should be willing to check the bike out. It'd take them 15 minutes to verify rear wheel alignment and relax the forks in the trees.
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    DISCLAIMER: My place of work, TST Industries, does not offer tuning or dyno services. This is something we do in-house for our own race bikes, product R&D, and employee bikes (for shits and giggles). For all tuning and dyno needs, please contact the forum vendor @2wheeldynoworks and they will work to get you and your bike set-up for the best performance. Decided to throw Bloo up on our Dyno under the stock exhaust, filter, and ECU. I should mention I'm running 89-91 pump gas. (91 when available, otherwise, 89 compared to 87). Next, I plan on getting an ecu reflash with 93 gas and the stock exhaust, air filter. Then it will be ecu flash with 93 gas and exhaust and the last step will be ecu flash, 93 gas, exhaust, and MWR air filter. My goal is to put out as much factual data as possible for people to see what each modification does in terms of power with respect to each complimenting modification. There's a lot of misleading information out there so I think this would be beneficial. TLDR; my bike makes 68.49hp/48.94tq with stock exhaust, 89 gas, stock air filter and no tune.
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