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    The only way to become a millionaire racer is to start as a billionaire.
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    Sorry nothing to report for a while but finally racing season is here !!!. Booked in for a track day this saturday then if everything is in the ballpark i'ii maybe enter some races sunday . Spent a day safety wiring everything and double checking everything is tight and torqued . A little nervous as i have never ridden this bike other than up and down the street . Haven't been to the track in 5 years and when i tried my leathers on the other day , with back protector and internal thigh protection i barely got them on !!. Not a lot of movement when sitting on the bike . Hopefully they will give a little !!. Matt Pattone has got my forks done with the cartridges and shipped yesterday , unfortunately too late to install for this weekend . He is super busy so i appreciate him getting them done .
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    I appreciate the sentiment, but at my age there ain't much left to pimp out. They may give me $$ to go away though, so that is an option. Thanks!
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    Funny pic! There were so many folks doing that in the AHRMA (American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association) races, especially the National ones. They would literally pick a class nobody was running, then set up a bike for that class. By damn, they can then say when they are 80+ years old that they were a National champion. Maybe that will get them laid by one of the old wrinkled grannies in the old folks home
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    If you'd planned on selling it you should have done that before modding. The return on investment would have probably been better. For some reason stock will usually get you a better price than one with lots of mods unless you're lucky enough to find just the right buyer. Good Luck with whatever you decide.
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    looking for stock mirrors and stock seat
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    Well after retiring , liquidating my shop in SoCal and moving to beautiful New Mexico to live out my senior years it seems i couldn't leave well enough alone . I happened upon a damaged 2015 FZ-07 and thought - "that'd make a fun track bike !!". The previous owner had made a valiant effort to cut a u-turning sedan in half and had come up somewhat short - not as short as the wheel base on his FZ-07 - but close. I picked it up for a fair price and immediately started ordering parts . The mandate for this build is to keep it close to street legal . I'm not trying to build a championship winning motorcycle . After years of racing Ohlins suspended motorcycles i am used to and want something that handles . I haven't ridden a twin since my duck days but reading up on this model it seems it has plenty of torque and more than adequate power so i'm going to leave the engine alone. Not interested in race fairings - again just want a track day or occasional race day bike. First order of business was to build a rudimentary work bench . I'm too old to work on my hands and knees. There is so much great and useful information this site !!. I ordered up a cbr600rr shock, after market rear sets , front stem stand , stock forks , swingarm spools , case savers and all balls steering head bearings to get started . It has an M-4 slip on which is fine for now . I'm selling stuff on Ebay to fund this build and hope to have the funds soon for Ohlins cartridges , reflashed ECU with quick shifter and maybe a GPR steering damper . After that braided lines , maybe a brembo master , chain and sprocket kit etc . I'm going to keep a running $$ total . Once it's done and i'm happy with it i'll maybe race it to prove it's worth and then probably list it - or maybe not :))) - depends on how much fun i'm having . My wife isn't happy about me returning to the track lol . Beginning pics attached - any and all advice or tips appreciated.
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    Hey mossrider , good luck this weekend - it's all about the grin factor . I'm excited !!.
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    Back in the day, we'd use a length of a 2x4 alongside the rear wheel that extends out to the front wheel. Center the front wheel, then see if the rear is misaligned by how far the 2x4 is non-parallel with the front. Not exact, for sure, but it would get us close. Nowadays, I'm sure there's something 3D printed or some such that would tell you if you're off by a mm . . . . If I was pulling somewhat, I'd loosen the axle and adjust the appropriate adjuster maybe half a turn to a full turn, tighten it back up and take it for a ride. See how it changed the pull and possibly re-adjust. Many folks would adjust the wrong way, so think it through. Also, be cautious of your chain tension. This is just a possibility relative to your problem; the idea of a cable pushing the handlebar to one side is also a reasonable possibility. Good luck. Be careful.
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    You should ask him if he would be OK with his bikes brake pads dragging for a thousand miles and when he makes that face you tell him to fix it.
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    Ha, ha! Secretly cuddles his trophy at bedtime and cries.
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    I'm all done. Suspension, Hord air, ECU flashing, rearsets, exhaust, handlebars, lights, seats, you name it. This bike is a beast now compared to when I bought it new. Should I sell it to fund another project or keep and enjoy for a bit longer?
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    I'm running higher intensity LED bulbs in the OEM signals. I have no plans to change them.
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    Just got mine 2 weeks ago, 230mm round GP Style Carbon Fibre Silencer+Blue Tip. Love it!!!! Videos don't do it justice...
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    I don't know how "bad" it is, but every bike I've ever owned (more than a dozen), has pulled to the right when I let go of the bars..... All roads are made with a slight "crown" in them, to allow water to drain off of them. I owned a Goldwing once that I swore had a twist in the frame. Turns out that it just felt like it, because I was looking at through the straight line at the top of the windscreen all the time, and the bike was always leaning to compensate for the crown in the road, the windscreen made it look "crooked" compared to the road. You may want to try this- Get in the left lane of a 2 (or more) expressway, and let go of the bars. the bike will probably stay "neutral", or may pull slightly left. FYI: If you look closely at a worn out front tire on heavy bike (Goldwing, or cruiser) just slightly left of the center of the tire will be slightly more worn. That's because your front tire has been compensating for the slight crown in the road for several years. Hope that helps -
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    Save what good relationship? So far all the dealer is doing is blowing sunshine up your backside now that he's got your money. Move bars from full left lock to full right lock and look for any cable/hose that may be binding or trying to kink which may be trying to push your bars to the right. I'll assume you tested on multiple road types?
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    Well out of the blue @pattonme got in touch so i fired off my spare lowers to him for a cartridge conversion , with the zx6 sliders so i'll be able to put the clipons above the top triple tree . I also picked up a new toy - garage find 851 strada . Been sitting over 10 years so that'll be a long project !!.
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