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    You could probably get a way with those. Check with the organization hosting the track day. However, I would recommend a full boot as it will offer better ankle stability/protection as well as protection for your calf and shin. Yes, a full boot costs more, but the protection is worth it. Also, the track day org should be able to tell what their requirements for gear are, either on their website of by phone. Sportbike Track Time has it on theirs I believe, and some org even offer gear rental.
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    The only way to become a millionaire racer is to start as a billionaire.
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    Here she is, my first brand new bike! I've had several bikes, but this is the first that I get to modify from a blank slate. I'm going to try to keep a little build log going - to be honest, I tried to do the same with my Camaro 1LE but eventually just lost track of documenting everything. I'm going to try to keep this first post updated every so often with the current state of the bike. This is the bike as of today (June 1, 2019): Womet tech frame sliders and rear axle spools/sliders (In the future, I may go with permanently installed spools or the Gilles Tooling adjusters, also coming soon will be front axle sliders from womet tech - for looks) FTecu bike side harness and 2WheelDynoWorks tune TST Industries front and rear LED turn signals and flasher relay TST Industries fender eliminator and LED license plate light (I have plans for a couple more of those license plate lights... ) Rhinomoto bar ends with Amazon special mirrors Amazon special radiator guard Puig short windscreen Cortech Super 2.0 magnetic tank bag Nelson Rigg commuter tail bag Corbin custom seat Coming soon: Corbin custom seat - got the delivery warning yesterday, so it should be here soon Suspension work - starting with fork oil, then work my way into better components Exhaust and intake - I can wheelie the bike just by grabbing a handful of throttle (unintentionally found that out!), So I'm not sure exactly when I'll get around to this. Definitely suspension first. Integrated tail light... Maybe. In MA, my registration expires every December and I'm required to get the bike inspected every year. I think legally, the turn signals have to be a minimum distance apart, so it wouldn't pass. And this is how I brought it home, besides the frame sliders that I put on before I remembered the "before" picture.
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    That looks like a low voltage condition. Have you checked your battery voltage, both static and under load? Is there a parasitic drain of some sort? Did you clean the terminals when you replaced the battery? Was the old battery more than 4 years old? Did you find the reason for the previous battery's failure? Does the bike turn over when you try to start it? If it does, does it fire, if it doesn't turn over does the solenoid 'click'... Again you need to provide more information.
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    I'm with this assumption. My MT07's rear wheel alignment was way off when set up evenly at the rear adjusters. I bought a cheap chain alignment tool and it showed how far out it was, which was by a whole notch on one side. You don't need a specific tool to check the alignment (it just easier and quicker) but if you search for how to align your rear wheel you'll find various methods which you should be able to try at home using either a long level/straight edge or a piece of string.
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    Nice work! I think a good retrofit is always tough but in the end usually worth it and I think this is no exception. Looks great!
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