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    A whole new way to go for a ride with your friends:
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    I use Counteract balance beads. That is what my local Yamaha dealer uses as well. Revzilla sells them. A $25 kit will do both front and rear. Has worked for me, and no ugly weights that then need ugly tape over them to pass tech at the track.
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    I don't know how "bad" it is, but every bike I've ever owned (more than a dozen), has pulled to the right when I let go of the bars..... All roads are made with a slight "crown" in them, to allow water to drain off of them. I owned a Goldwing once that I swore had a twist in the frame. Turns out that it just felt like it, because I was looking at through the straight line at the top of the windscreen all the time, and the bike was always leaning to compensate for the crown in the road, the windscreen made it look "crooked" compared to the road. You may want to try this- Get in the left lane of a 2 (or more) expressway, and let go of the bars. the bike will probably stay "neutral", or may pull slightly left. FYI: If you look closely at a worn out front tire on heavy bike (Goldwing, or cruiser) just slightly left of the center of the tire will be slightly more worn. That's because your front tire has been compensating for the slight crown in the road for several years. Hope that helps -
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    "Ride like everyone else is trying to kill you" - MSF Course Instructor "There's one more idiot than you think there is on the road" - my Dad. (I finally figured out that the last idiot was me...)
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    I remember a few years ago the wife and I (two up) were approaching a red light in a residential area where there was a center turn lane and one thru lane in each direction. We were in the thru lane and a mini van was coming up behind us signalling a right turn, trying to squeeze between me and the curb. We were centered in the lane trying to dissuade just that type of maneuver when his mirror bumped my right handlebar twice trying to sneak by. I heard him yelling to "Get the f_ck outta the way" even with his window up. I reached over and smashed the mirror off his door and shouted back to "there, try it now". He didn't. Not the smartest thing i ever did but certainly one of the most satisfying.
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    Ridiculous. Kinda diggin it...
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    The only way to become a millionaire racer is to start as a billionaire.
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    Here she is, my first brand new bike! I've had several bikes, but this is the first that I get to modify from a blank slate. I'm going to try to keep a little build log going - to be honest, I tried to do the same with my Camaro 1LE but eventually just lost track of documenting everything. I'm going to try to keep this first post updated every so often with the current state of the bike. This is the bike as of today (June 1, 2019): Womet tech frame sliders and rear axle spools/sliders (In the future, I may go with permanently installed spools or the Gilles Tooling adjusters, also coming soon will be front axle sliders from womet tech - for looks) FTecu bike side harness and 2WheelDynoWorks tune TST Industries front and rear LED turn signals and flasher relay TST Industries fender eliminator and LED license plate light (I have plans for a couple more of those license plate lights... ) Rhinomoto bar ends with Amazon special mirrors Amazon special radiator guard Puig short windscreen Cortech Super 2.0 magnetic tank bag Nelson Rigg commuter tail bag Corbin custom seat Coming soon: Corbin custom seat - got the delivery warning yesterday, so it should be here soon Suspension work - starting with fork oil, then work my way into better components Exhaust and intake - I can wheelie the bike just by grabbing a handful of throttle (unintentionally found that out!), So I'm not sure exactly when I'll get around to this. Definitely suspension first. Integrated tail light... Maybe. In MA, my registration expires every December and I'm required to get the bike inspected every year. I think legally, the turn signals have to be a minimum distance apart, so it wouldn't pass. And this is how I brought it home, besides the frame sliders that I put on before I remembered the "before" picture.
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    I ordered the bare wire usb charger and got 20% off, made it just over $23 shipped. Thanks again to all the folks who posted up a how-to on the factory connector wiring and install. Sarah
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    Definitely an extremely expensive novelty vehicle--not practical in any way, shape, or form.
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    Motorcycles don't experience the same pulling issue as four-wheeled vehicles. Even if the rear tire is crooked in the swingarm and the forks are twisted in the clamps, there are only two tires, so the bike will self-correct and go straight. Now, the bike between the tires might be crooked and crab-walking as a result, but it won't pull the bike/bars one way or the other. There's just not enough tires on the ground to redirect and pull the bike around. I had a buddy that swore his bike was pulling and he asked me to follow him and watch. When we stopped I asked if he realized how far off-center he was riding on the saddle. "Huh?" The bike had a shift lever that stuck out really far and he was unconsciously shifting that way to compensate. He's a big boy at around 260lbs. That amount of weight off-center was enough to make the bike feel like it was pulling. I had this issue once with a really unbalanced load of groceries in the saddlebags That said, the dealership should be willing to at least look at the bike, even though I'm sure all dealerships spend a lot of time dealing with little niggles that suck up a lot of their time. So, we can be compassionate for them while still expecting good service, but without demanding anything. But yeah, you are under warranty and they should be willing to check the bike out. It'd take them 15 minutes to verify rear wheel alignment and relax the forks in the trees.
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    The crown will make it pull right regardless of which direction you're going since the hump would be in the center of the road sloping towards the outer edge of the road. Of course this assumes that they drive on the right side of the road in Netherlands? Even so I'd still get them to check it... there are so many things that could be causing the issue. Many of them listed in the other knowledgeable replies you've recieved. Good luck resolving your issue.
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    Save what good relationship? So far all the dealer is doing is blowing sunshine up your backside now that he's got your money. Move bars from full left lock to full right lock and look for any cable/hose that may be binding or trying to kink which may be trying to push your bars to the right. I'll assume you tested on multiple road types?
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    Gone? By what means? I would be looking for a second opinion dealer.
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    Hi all, Figured I should join the team. Picked her up (2018 Factory blue) 2 weeks ago. Absolutely love it!
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    I'd pay to see that.
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    Yeah, but can it wheelie? That would be awesome.
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    I just read in an article the other day that stated 80% of Americans "think" they are above average in driving skill. That sounds about right. Obviously a very delusional thought process.
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    I've only been a motorcyclist for a month, maybe. Lol. 2018 MT-07 is my first motorcycle. In the last 3 weeks I have done. -R6 throttle tube -Cyclops 10,000 lumen LED headlight. -High Tech Speed Proton 500s' front signals. -High Tech Speed X-Arc rear signals. -TST fender eliminator. -TST signal relay. - Magnetic drain plug. -1 oil change Yamaha dino oil w/filter. -1 oil change Yamaha semi-synthetic w/filter. -1 oil change Yamaha full synthetic w/filter. -3 washes and polish. -4 chain clean and lube. I'm averaging over 1000 km per week at the moment, if anyone is wonder why so many oil changes already. I'm murdering about 10,000 insects per day. Lol.
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    Did a friend's front Q3+ yesterday. Piece of cake.
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    I purchased a set of Kevlar leggings a while back and wanted to do a review for folks who may be interested in an alternate to jeans or riding pants. Here are the leggings I decided to purchase: https://www.bowtex.net/product-page/elite-leggings As of right now I do not believe that you can purchase this item in the US. I purchased through bikeexif / urbanrider.co.uk website as they had the best price and stock availability. This product seems to be quite new to the marketplace, so I'm not sure when/if they will restock and future iterations may be slightly different than the item that I have. This product is a base layer undergarment. It is made from Dyneema/Nylon as an alternate to Kevlar. The leggings have velcro pockets for knee and hip protection (sold separately) and an elastic ankle cuff and waist band. All seams are flat stitched and no blemishes could be found in the construction of the item. I chose this product over your typical kevlar leggin for 2 reasons: 1. They are made from a more breathable fabric than kevlar. 2. They have the option for impact protection as well. I had trouble finding a product that provided both slide and impact protection and I feel confident that these will serve that purpose admirably given the need. Pros: The fabric inside feels slippery which makes putting them on easy. Excellent craftsmanship of product. Provide both slide & impact protection. Minimalist profile means that they can go under almost any pants, except for slim/skinny fit. Breathable * Cons: The sizing is a bit off. The website states "match to your favorite jeans", which would put me in an XL-2XL. Measuring put me in a 3XL at the naval. Reality is that a Large would probably provide the best (snug) fit. The cut is a touch strange. They are made to ride at the naval, which I'm ok with, but the crotch is cut a touch high, so that to place them at the naval leaves the inseam giving me a front wedgie (pick a side boys). The slickness and slightly strange cut means that throughout the day the waist tends to slide down like a pair of socks. I reverted to folding them over the top of my pants to try and help hold them in place. I feel like a pair of suspenders underneath would serve me well and allow me to tuck in my shirt again. The leg length is good, bordering right at the edge of being long. They may be the most breathable kevlar style legging available, but they will still overheat you pretty quick if you are doing any movement / strenuous activity. They would be great for anyone in a dry climate and anyone that is in a cool climate where a little extra warmth is ok. I live in Hawaii and don't think that I'll be able to wear these from June until September - basically any day above 78F and 60%rh, unless I'm just out for a ride. I have included a picture of the CE rated armor that they offer versus the D30 from my Klim K-Fifty 2 jeans. I personally like the armor that they offer as it has a long taper to the edge making it "disappear" both in feel and looks better than the D30. The D30 does feel like it would offer larger protection area for the knee, although the ACF hip armor felt like it sat better than the D30. The ACF is a bit softer and more pliable than the D30 which further enhances the "invisible" look/feel of the leggings. Overall I would purchase these again in the size I felt like I should have (Large). Improvements could be made to the breath-ability aspect by adding mesh/breathable fabric in non critical areas (behind the knee; inner thighs; etc) basically where you shouldn't require abrasion protection. The waist band could be lowered so that it sits just above the pants waist rather than high at the naval. They could even add a mesh liner in the upper half to promote airflow to get it closer to a true 4-season piece of gear. (My mindset for purchasing was to allow for the flexibility to wear any "off the rack" pants and still maintain proper protection. I think that I'll get a lot of use out of the leggings, specifically when commuting to job-site & client meetings, etc where I need to have more business oriented attire. I'll likely continue to use my Klim jeans for any day where I'll be walking the job-site or doing inspections, especially as we enter into the hotter months of the year. For general rides, then I would be happy with either option.)
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    Zombiphone, I didn't make note of the mileage when the reserve started its count but it is usually 135 miles for me when this happens. So going a further 43 miles means that the engine stumbled with 178 miles on that tank. I can't recall ever putting much more than three gallons in the tank,ever. My style of riding has the ECO message displayed permanently on my dash. Out of curiousity, I'd like to know how much fuel the fuel pump displaces in the tank. Surely not 3/4 of a gallon. Update,I found my gas receipt for this fill up and I put 3.523 gallons in at that time. That's a record run for me on a tank of gas.
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    Most everybody believes themselves to be an above average motorist. Any time spent on the streets will confirm that people are not very good at self evaluation.
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    As a general rule, I scold myself if I think no idiots were near me on a ride. That means I just wasn't paying enough attention, and I should do better. "Thankfully" I usually count plenty of them on a given ride.
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    Quick video I made last year after getting my exhaust installed.
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    myTAKE: Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust Well... It's been a few months and about 1600 miles with this exhaust installed and I feel that another review is not necessarily needed but more to be appreciated by those who are still sitting on the fence about which exhaust to go with for their beloved FZ-07. I spent about 700 miles with the baffle IN prior to getting my ECU reflashed & intake modified and about 700 miles with the baffle OUT. I also installed this exhaust myself using mostly simple tools with a few specialty tools including a ratchet set, a torque wrench, allen wrench sockets, needle nose pliars, vice grips (for baffle removal). So without further a-do here we go! INSTALL/QUALITY: The install was very straight forward in which this exhaust is a direct replacement for the stock exhaust. No modification or cutting is necessary and my particular exhaust lined up absolutely perfectly with all stock mounting points which were easily accessible in order to mount the exhaust. The stock exhaust came off easily as well as my bike only had maybe 200 miles on it at the time of removal. I reused the stock header gaskets as well as the condition was practically new. The one thing that bugged me during the install was how soft the screws were that Akrapovic included in the set which fastened the muffler to the mounting bracket which connects to the bike. These screws must be handled carefully when torquing them down as they want to strip very easily at the head. Take your time and use a perfect fitting tool for that part. Other than that the install went very smoothly. The quality of materials are top notch especially the Titanium muffler section which came nicely packed in styrofoam in the box. A small gripe I had in regards to quality was the header pipe section was lightly scratched from the factory it seemed which luckily disappeared as I rode the bike more which the heat from use turned the pipes a nice golden color. The one thing I really wished for when choosing this exhaust was the muffler canister made for the MT-07 which was engraved with a nice emblem instead of getting a damn sticker that seems it may fall off in time with increased use, moisture, and road debris. PERFORMANCE: Initially as mentioned above I rode with baffle in for about 700 miles. With baffle in my butt dyno could definitely feel an improvement especially in the upper RPM range where the stock bike normally died off in power. The power increase was nothing major but if I could describe it in one word it would have to be that the bike felt "different." A good different too... Like the power band was smoother and more refined without the abrupt power loss that was felt pretty dramatically before. With baffle out... I can only comment on baffle out w/ ECU reflash and intake work done as I did them all at the same time. I assure you, this set up is AMAZING and the bike takes on a much improved power delivery band with more linear and consistent power straight to red line! SOUND: Baffle in the sound is a bit louder than stock. If I could throw a sound rating on it as stock being a 2/10 in loudness I would have to say the baffle in sound would be about a 4/10. 0 being silence, 10 being hurting your ears. Baffle out... Well, well, well... As glorious as it sounds it is much louder! I would have to rate it a 8/10. Now... My previous bike was a Kawasaki Vulcan S in which I had a Two Brothers Racing full exhaust on it. Now that exhaust I would give a 10/10 as that thing was damn loud at all RPM's with such horrible drone that would give me headaches at times and would get distracting after awhile which lead to loss of complete concentration from fatigue on the ride! The Akrapovic with baffle out on the other hand IS LOUD no doubt, but very well mannered at the same time. I do not notice a horrible drone at all and actually enjoy riding with this set up even at highway speeds. I would still recommend packing some ear plugs regardless, especially on the longer rides. Now... I gotta say... By me saying this is the best sounding exhaust that I've ever heard on a FZ-07 is a very subjective thing to say... But ITS TRUE!!!!! Ive received so many compliments on this thing (with baffle out) as it truly sounds like a damn V8 monster is coming down the road! Youtube videos give a nice appetizer in sound quality but the real meal is had ONLY by hearing this baby in person. Honestly... Just about every single time I start my bike since taking the baffle out I can't help but to crack a smile... It's that lovely!! So... in conclusion... I am obviously very happy with this exhaust and would recommend it to anyone! From the awesome looks, to the monstrous sound it produces (with baffle out), to the quality of materials used, to the simple install, this exhaust is not cheaply priced by any means. But... If your planning on 1 modification that changes the complete characteristics of the FZ-07 by sound alone, I would strongly recommend going with this exhaust... Feel free to inquire with any questions, comments, or concerns!
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