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    Completed my unique retrofit of mounting a JW Speaker Adaptive headlight inside a stock housing today. Project took about 2 days from start to finish with a lot of head scratching and housing modifications along the way. I think it came out pretty cool. Now my bike has full LED lighting and I don't have to guess what's around dark corners at night anymore! This was an expensive project so I don't expect many to take it on but if anyone is interested in doing the same, I'd be happy to help! I took a few pictures along the way. Enjoy!
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    The only way to become a millionaire racer is to start as a billionaire.
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    Here she is, my first brand new bike! I've had several bikes, but this is the first that I get to modify from a blank slate. I'm going to try to keep a little build log going - to be honest, I tried to do the same with my Camaro 1LE but eventually just lost track of documenting everything. I'm going to try to keep this first post updated every so often with the current state of the bike. This is the bike as of today (June 1, 2019): Womet tech frame sliders and rear axle spools/sliders (In the future, I may go with permanently installed spools or the Gilles Tooling adjusters, also coming soon will be front axle sliders from womet tech - for looks) FTecu bike side harness and 2WheelDynoWorks tune TST Industries front and rear LED turn signals and flasher relay TST Industries fender eliminator and LED license plate light (I have plans for a couple more of those license plate lights... ) Rhinomoto bar ends with Amazon special mirrors Amazon special radiator guard Puig short windscreen Cortech Super 2.0 magnetic tank bag Nelson Rigg commuter tail bag Corbin custom seat Coming soon: Corbin custom seat - got the delivery warning yesterday, so it should be here soon Suspension work - starting with fork oil, then work my way into better components Exhaust and intake - I can wheelie the bike just by grabbing a handful of throttle (unintentionally found that out!), So I'm not sure exactly when I'll get around to this. Definitely suspension first. Integrated tail light... Maybe. In MA, my registration expires every December and I'm required to get the bike inspected every year. I think legally, the turn signals have to be a minimum distance apart, so it wouldn't pass. And this is how I brought it home, besides the frame sliders that I put on before I remembered the "before" picture.
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    And the quest continues. Andy Palmer, always pushing the boundaries, found the mechanical limits of the stock motor cases recently as he continues to fiddle with peak motor performance. He cracked the engine case during a recent motor test on an engine dyno @ 124 brake hp. (roughly equivalent to 105+ hp on a chassis dyno) Good times! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1040126719529121&set=a.312344758973991&type=3&eid=ARCn7GP1oU3m3qQsT9zllGGXAP1aq-_x8j15OlTeNf7nYCCw00ikfuVDIe_YQTIREjzYa4hxUePwKgOv Now we know.
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    I agree that you absolutely need to go back to the dealership to address this. You can do it politely and keep your good relationship with them, as long as they respond and do the right thing. If they're a good dealership, you won't have to "demand" at all - I would start simply by telling them the problem and asking if they can fix it for you, since you just bought it. I'd be surprised if they don't at least take a look at it.
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    I would insist they put it right. They seem to be letting you down to me. It is not right.
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    It's just a random fb post anyway. Andy said he's just pushing the envelope and cracked the cases through one of the main bearing races. Getting crank flex which found its weak spot.
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