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    IDK but this is why I test on a dyno. Improvements are usually made in steps. Removing the snorkel is a good first step if your not planning on getting the HORD
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    Stock Exhaust Modified - This is with the muffler cut open at the rear chamber and the last section of internal piping cut away. Really no difference in sound, slightly deeper. Modified 2 - Removed the outer exhaust pipe. This sound good. Deep Idle and sounds good when revved. I need to get better video / audio. I plan to add a 1-3/4 pipe to the original exit. Conclusion is that the small diameter exhaust pipe restricts the most sound.
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    BTW - I can remove and reinstall the trimmed snorkel with just the seat removed. It's tight, but it can be done. Ed
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    No. I live in the Seattle area and ride in the rain with the snorkel removed and it's never been an issue (or after washing my bike). There's no water pooling in there when I check the airbox drain.
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    It looks like you may be able to grab it with the seat removed and pull it out of the airbox lid. There is a molded lip that holds it to the lid, you'll want to try and push it inwards or squeeze it to remove it from the lid. Otherwise the plastic comes off and you lift the tank. Ed
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    I hadn't thought of that , ill take a look at it and if its feasible ill test it
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    Hey RIP, I checked out Balboa Park laying out the vacation next week and it looks like there's enough stops for a gearhead to kill the day. Talking about Brad Lackey, I had a wall poster of him leaned over in a berm, practically dragging his elbows,exiting with the front wheel about six inches off the ground. Wonder what I did with it? I had another poster of Danny LaPorte in Europe on his Suzuki doing something similar but it's vanished too. Great photos that left an impression.
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    I was gonna do it myself but I already had an appointment to take it in for new spark plugs. I looked that up too and don't think I'm ready to do my own plugs yet. So I was just gonna have the dealer do it while it's there
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    I disagree but its your bike, for a completely free literally 2 minute mod I think its a nice little gain in area under the curve in the rpm range that you ride the most
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    Rolls Royce famously didn't divulge the power output of their car engines, saying only it was "sufficient."
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    I have been told the same thing by another tuner... I have the Woolich Race Kit and tune on my FJ-09... One day I will get my FZ-07 fitted with a Woolich Race Kit and tune...
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    I installed the rear sets, flipped the shift pattern, and set up the woolich racetools so now I have a quick shifter and launch control. The preloaded quick shifter settings were pretty rough so will take some time to smooth them out
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    I am for sure a fan of their products and tuning software
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    About right, also check with a slightly thinner gauge that it slides in without resistanse and a slightly thicker that it doesn't and you will be OK.
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    here is about a large as the site will allow
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    Super tape the box of these to your handle bars 26 bucks man
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