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    Stock Exhaust Modified - This is with the muffler cut open at the rear chamber and the last section of internal piping cut away. Really no difference in sound, slightly deeper. Modified 2 - Removed the outer exhaust pipe. This sound good. Deep Idle and sounds good when revved. I need to get better video / audio. I plan to add a 1-3/4 pipe to the original exit. Conclusion is that the small diameter exhaust pipe restricts the most sound.
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    Hey RIP, I checked out Balboa Park laying out the vacation next week and it looks like there's enough stops for a gearhead to kill the day. Talking about Brad Lackey, I had a wall poster of him leaned over in a berm, practically dragging his elbows,exiting with the front wheel about six inches off the ground. Wonder what I did with it? I had another poster of Danny LaPorte in Europe on his Suzuki doing something similar but it's vanished too. Great photos that left an impression.
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    Rolls Royce famously didn't divulge the power output of their car engines, saying only it was "sufficient."
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    Super tape the box of these to your handle bars 26 bucks man
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