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    I wouldn't think you or anyone is siding against me, yeah its an error on their part like I said maybe it existed before they touched it! I bought the bike with 2,100 miles on it, with all the paperwork for first service etc. But they have a responsibility to let me know and show me the problem if it wasn't their fault. Crossed threaded and all that i was not in the mood to diagnose any further that I didn't do this, and with all I do to be as safe as can be I missed this 1, but they have to have some burden too. I'm just pissed that I could be dead due to somebody lacking attention. I'm aware the nut is an issue, but so should they! Anyway if you look at the axle thread you'll see something went bad just at about hand tight, from that point it was deemed suffice. I'm just going to talk to them, I dropped the hatchet and put it down to lesson learned!
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    Yes "was" would have been the correct word .
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    Ha, I get it now since you put it that way. When you said the biked 'needs" to be clutched to do a wheelie it looked like you meant …. the bike needs to be clutched to do a wheelie! Funny how one word can change the whole meaning of something.
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    As I would think you have every right to be... they owe you new parts... but not to install them.. since they obviously can't be trusted.
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    To explain what is going on in that photo. I was checking the chain slack, it was within the 51-56 mm, I noticed that the tyre wear indicators were wearing un-evenly from 1 side to the other. I assumed there was a mis-alignment with the rear wheel or the front, I started with the rear. I used what I had on hand a straight-edge (steel ruler) and the sprocket just below the teeth right up under the chain and sighted it through the c/s!! all good. Puzzled I got up off my knees and stumbled a little, grabbed the back wheel and this happened to my disbelief I shouted wtf. got my torque wrench, checked to see if it was the specified 76 ft/lbs, it clicked at 76 ft/lbs. The last person to touch my rear wheel and axle was a local dealership that mounted a set of tyres before I had my rear stand. I just brought the tyres the day before and brought the bike the next day. (5 months ago) I decided that I'm going to find out wtf is going on here,( its un-rideable) sprayed the exposed thread on the axle with kerosene, fine hair paint brush to get out anything that might obstruct the removal of the axle nut. Grabbed my wrench and 27 mm socket, I get the axle nut off but it wasn't as easy as you would think. I remove the caliper, wheel, chain etc. I inspect the nut and the axle, low and behold its cross-threaded to f##k. I'm pissed, so for the last 5 months/ 5k miles the axle was loose and I trusted the dealership and I didn't check their work. # Impact driver stealership. I'll be heading their way tomorrow to see if we can resolve this issue. It'll cost me around $50 without shipping cost for a new axle and nut from partzilla, if the dealership doesn't admit responsibility or lack of responsibility of notification if it was a problem before they touched it. I want it to be know that if I get nothing from this (which I expect) I'd like it to brought to their attention the danger they put me in, and they have a responsibility to their fellow riders that this is not acceptable. Rant over. P.S : I rode '18 MT-10,MT-09, R6, this weekend at bike,blues and barbeque. Demo-ride but it was a RIP, serious RIP the lead rider wasn't messing around. I also rode H-D 1200 roadster,750 street-rod, FXDR 114-ci, and some. H-D were generous with their lack of supervision and unlimited rides, versys Yamaha's 2 rides PP, P-Day. I found out I'll never have a wet-dream about a H-D, EVER!
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