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    Imagine an FZ12 (1200 cc) parallel twin flat tracker for street that weighs in around 425 lbs. Oops, I just drooled on myself.
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    Short teaser vid, very smoky.
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    stock gearing, yes, if you mean chain sprockets swing arm length in my calculation 530 mm (529.53 mm) swingarm pivot to rear wheel axle leveled length = 520 mm heigth diff = 100 mm
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    If you contact them directly they will probably make everyone of them in black , maybe even the s1 and the crt, but you should ask them , and I doubt that a retailer will go to such a trouble. The guys at sc are crazy, and quite easy going , two years ago they revved a race ready panigale 1299 during the eicma .. And the organizers weren't happy so... I will try to ask , probably they will do it
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    Im sure it does. I have woodcraft rearsets and had the M4 system on.
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    I just ordered mine from AP Motoarts.
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    I loved the CRT on my R1, but really like the black pipes that come with the conic
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    All the talk about indian, should Yamaha build one?
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    I thought it was going to be someone test riding one! Thanks for the blue balls...
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    Earlier this week Nels got a Hayabusa tuned up to 232 hp for a customer.
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