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    finally got around to taking a pic a few mods since I picked her up on 7/19/19 Moto Dynamic fender eliminator Puig naked next gen windscreen OES swingarm and fork sliders Vegabond frame sliders PCV Akrapovic Ti exhaust Rhinomoto bar ends CRG arrrow mirrors...........shortie levers to come as soon as my wallet recovers
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    Titanium never looked so good! . Although the material took forever to get here (should be called UNobtainium), Competition Werkes did an incredible job fabbing up this system in no time using their rapid prototyping methods. . What I know so far is that it made over 2hp more than my previous system on the same exact tune. . Next week, we optimize the tune with the full compliment of electronics from RapidBike and dial in the final settings. - Paul
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    Oh yes, there will be sales and deals!
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    Slowly making progress on the top triple.
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    I started incessant prewhining over a year ago in preperation of its arrival here. Wife is about ready to cave...
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    Okay a few hints Aftermarket Connection Rods, aftermarket valves, clutch pack and new piston rings ... Motor has approx 18k miles on it... I wonder if my work will make me a set of pistons , I'm sure they can but I'm not counting on it... I may or may not sell my Hordpower Airbox and Yoshi exhaust combo...
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    I can speak from experience group buy or not Paul takes great care of us here and will have the best prices for our members. I don’t even look anywhere else because I don’t have to. Seriously, thanks!
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    But I like videos Actually, once I get my house projects finished up I'll be spending time in the garage doing my 2020 mod$ singing “FZ07, I’m gonna turn a wrench, this makes me a customizer” Ed
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    This is more like it. Sitting in 85 degree weather in Belize. Just what the doctor ordered. Going to rent a bike Monday and head of into the mountains for a daylong ride.
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    The grass is fine where you're at. R3 is a fine machine, your FZ is a finer one. Get hold of yourself, you're old enough to know better, lol.
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    In all honesty I just send it once I get out of my subdivision that takes about 60 seconds. I hope I am not killing it prematurely
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    Cool video - Thanks Here's another one with another great racer - David Bailey. For those of you who don't know him, he was 3-time National MX champion in both the 250 and 500 (two stroke) classes, as well a one-time 250 Supercross champion. His career was cut short like so many with a crash that left him a parapelgic at 25. I saw him race live a couple of times - he was FAST and so smooth! The first link is the Wiki page on him, and the second has a link of him riding a MX bike on a MX track 19 years after his wreck. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Bailey_(motorcyclist) https://www.adventuresportsnetwork.com/sport/moto/video-david-bailey/
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    My divorce lawyer has enough of my money to buy one. Lol
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    Yes. As you get faster you will benefit from precise throttle control in the more focused parts like on/off throttle at apex, how fast or aggressively you can reapply throttle as you exit turns etc. A couple things help. First a good tune is essential. Get your ecu or PC set up correctly so there is chop throttle fueling. You can't have any on-off coughing or balkiness. Second, keep your throttle cables lubed and taught so there is virtually no free play. Also an R6 throttle tube may help as they are quicker, more finite and accurate in real world use. Another thing I do is turn up the idle to about 2000rpm. I also try to use a maintenance level throttle position up off the throttle stop so I'm not trying to go from idle to fine throttle when leaned over. It all helps with your confidence when speed comes up. Braking hard to apex then throttling hard from apex is tough enough w/o battling a snatchy throttle. And practice lifting your motor off static throttle to whatever level of throttle you want in the pits or on stands. Shut you eyes and visualize a perfect turn,apex, throttle so your right wrist becomes digitally precise. It helps to know and understand your bikes functions intrinsically before you are waist deep in a crowded corner at speed. Good luck.
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    Okay, so I'm a little new to the forum and I'm too lazy to create my own build thread at the moment because I don't really have any plans but eventually I'll do some kind of timeline with all the pictures I have. I bought my bike on January 30th of this year (it is currently November). The mods I have done (in rough chronological order are as follows: February: Two bro's exhaust Proton 500 blinkers ebay tail tidy ebay windscreen March: tail tidy breaks because I only paid $25 for it queue metal zip tie solution- September-ish saddle bags and rear shock (+ rep @kbob2000) went a little crazy with carbon fiber vinyl wrap A few days ago dart manta windscreen, I have only had it on for one ride so far but I think I notice a moderate difference. There is still wind, but I am not "fighting" it so much anymore. I will be posting my thoughts on it here: tomorrow I will be installing a tank bag. ...so much for the fz07 being an affordable bike
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    There are a number of ways to mod and make your seat better and the one I chose years ago is what @robbo10 mentioned. The upholstery guy I went to has done a lot of boat seats over the last 20+ years and he said he's never had one complaint with the material he uses for padding, it's a "polymer" gel that you can buy off amazon. It's soft but yet firm, what you want in a seat. You can buy it the same thickness of the original seat and what he did was mark the section of the seat that I actually use/make contact with and he cut that old foam out. Then he simply cut the gel (it doesn't leak) the same size as the foam piece that was removed and put it in it's place and recovered it with the original cover. I said all that so that a person will see that it's something they can also do themselves with some scissors and a staple gun. If you're not good with your hands I wouldn't attempt it but an upholstery shop could do it easily. My seat is very comfortable but I've found that problems like poor blood flow and a bad sciatic nerve can make any seat look like this seat.
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    That's gotta haul **s and be a royal hoot to spaz on! Nice.
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    The only thing titanium on the akra ti system is the outer wrap for the muffler. The headers are stainless steel and possibly the innerds of the muffler as well. The brown stuff is most likely the oily lubricant they either use for assembly or from forming the parts. My exhaust also did the same. I just kept it clean to keep from staining and it eventually stopped. I have around 2k miles on my exhaust.
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    GROUP BUY IS NOW CLOSED, and ALL PARTS HAVE BEEN ORDERED! Items will ship as they arrive from Gilles. Thank you everyone for another successful Gilles Group Buy! Gilles Group Buy is BACK! In a BIG way! Good things come to those who wait! This time, we are bringing back the ever popular Titanium Axle Nut and Rearsets, but in addition we are adding the AXB Chain Adjusters with built in spools, and their FXR Brake and Clutch lever set! That's 4 items to choose from to get the respective Group Buy price! Normally, there would be 4 different Group Buys (one for each item), but because all these popular items are from the same manufacturer, I can leverage the shipping cost across these products and pass the savings to you guys! Pricing is as follows: ACM Titanium Axle Nut, ACM 18-15: Retail $89 shipped, Group Buy Price $65 shipped AXB Chain Adjusters w/built in spools, AXB-RM04: Retail $142 shipped, Group Buy Price $114 shipped (available in either Black, or Black/Red) FXR Lever Set, FXBL-23/FXCL-07: Retail $242 shipped, Group Buy Price $180 shipped Factor-X Rearsets, FXR-Y03: Retail $430 shipped, Group Buy Price $325 shipped (available in either Black or Black/Red) Note: We need 10 parts to be sold to accommodate this group buy pricing structure for the above listed items. You don't need to buy all 4 items, just 1 out of the 4 will do. If you buy more than 1 item though, the total price will be EVEN LOWER because I'll only charge you shipping on one single item! Delivery times will vary, as I have some items in stock already. Plan on 4-5 weeks though if I don't have it. Here's all the info on the items in this Group Buy: ACM Titanium Axle Nut, ACM 18-15: Retail $89 shipped, Group Buy Price $65 shipped This item will CURE the dreaded issue that the stock nut has jamming itself into place, causing you to grind it off when it gets stuck. The patent pending pin-lock safety technology secures the ACM Titanium Axle Nut in place, making it bomb-proof while allowing it to be loosened faster than a split pin secured nut. Besides being one of the safest Axle Nuts nuts on the market, it's also one of the lightest too. It weighs just 20 grams, which is less than 3/4ths of an ounce, and is a perfect fit when using stock hardware or the Gilles Tooling AXB Chain Adjusters. It's design is inspired and derived by factory racing teams, and has been used by professional racers such as Cal Crutchlow to become a World SuperSport Champion. A product of award-winning precision engineering makes the ACM Titanium Axle Nut TUV and ISO certified, and will no doubt give your bike that ultra-premium look. M18x1.5 Material: Titanium ti6alv4 Ultra lightweight at 20 grams (less than 3/4ths of an ounce) Innovative pin-interlock security w/ high locking characteristics Perfectly compliments chain adjuster kits by Gilles Plastic-pin accommodates thread form and locks with friction Simple security through interlock system Easy assembly with a Included hex tool Unique Gilles design You can see the locking mechanism here...a plastic threaded insert comes out and locks against the threads when you tighten the set screw on the face of the nut. Pretty ingenious. I've had mine on and off over 20 times now without issue. AXB Chain Adjusters w/built in spools, AXB-RM04: Retail $142 shipped, Group Buy Price $114 shipped Beautifully machined, the unique and innovative AXB Chain Adjuster by Gilles Tooling allows for high precision chain adjustments via graded scale to dial in the perfect amount of chain tension, as well as account for any production tolerance inconsistencies of your motorcycle. In addition, the AXB chain adjuster stays in the swing arm, making real wheel installation much easier. Precise positioning by graded scale Special bolt enables axle adjustment in both directions Acts as an axle brace against compressive and tensile loads AXB stays in the swing arm during rear wheel installation Works with OEM axle nut Unique, innovative axle block Easier rear wheel installation Available in Black or Black w/ Red Integrated spools for rear wheel stand Unique Gilles design FXR Lever Set, FXBL-23/FXCL-07: Retail $242 shipped, Group Buy Price $180 shipped These beautifully machined, lightweight, and easy to adjust levers will look great on your bike and feel just as good in your hands. Used by top racers around the world, and I personally have them on my Tarmac Faction Yamaha XSR900 Cafe Racer. These levers will not disappoint. 35 clicks of precise adjustment Optimal shape for all braking styles (2 and 4 finger) Unique Gilles design Ideal lever length for perfect control TUV certified Factor-X Rearsets, FXR-Y03: Retail $430 shipped, Group Buy Price $325 shipped Get your feet in position with the Factor-X Rearsets by Gilles Tooling! Derived from World Superbike, the Factor-X Rearsets offer maximum performance in a minimalistic design. They feature strong, lightweight construction and race orientated adjustment area. Used by race teams all over the world. Derived from World Superbike knowledge Perfect balance of lightweight and strength Race orientated adjustment area Double ball bearings on gear and brake lever Standard and GP shifting possible Works with OEM brake light switch TUV certified Unique Gilles design Available in 2 different colors (Black, Black w/ Red) As people reply or PM me, I'll add their username to this list: 1. @DewMan - Axle Nut PAID 2. @norcal616 - Axle Nut (x2) PAID 3. @1tondriver - Axle Nut PAID 4. @klx678 - Chain Adjusters (Black), PAID 5. @jerry85394 - Axle nut and Chain Adjusters (Black) PAID 6. @FZ07R WaNaB - Chain Adjusters (Black) PAID 7. @7fold - Axle Nut, Chain Adjusters (Black/Red), Lever Set PAID 8. @rushdewalt - Lever Set PAID 9. @paxx - Chain Adjusters (Black/Red) PAID 10. @Bountiful - Axle Nut PAID 11. @NiteRyder - Rearsets (Black) PAID 12. @cencalmoto - Axle Nut and Chain Adjusters PAID 13. @JMPFZ07 - Chain Adjusters (Black), Rearsets (Black) PAID 14. @Kurt - Axle Nut and Chain Adjusters (Black) PAID Happy shopping! - Paul
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    I can’t agree more I have a small list of pieces I have made for the bike . (Same carbon pieces , a titanium bolt kit for the gas cap , topology optimized cnc bracket to remove the passenger pegs ..) and a longeeeerr list of pieces I have bought during the years Half the fun in building it ourselves ! you have a totally custom bike ( I’m waiting for the single side swing arm ) so you can relate more than me !
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    Do you guys watch 44 Teeth? Those two are nuts! I watch videos while I'm customizing. lol
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    yeah I'm goin the other way want it geared a LOT higher it's ridiculously low geared want to be able to loaf down the freeway, at 80 MPH + ....
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    Top triple is done. So, this design allows standard clip-ons to mount 0.50" higher than stock. The forks need to be .187" inches up. I was lazy and nervous and only removed a small amount of material from underneath. A CNC version would be lighter. With that being said, the part surviving a crash is important.
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    I used a Sharpie. Sad, but the ink is better than the paint.
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    I got more ideas I can offer but I will save em for later I'm kinda irked ARP don't have a FZ/MT-07 bolt/stud kit unless I give em the measurements/ or send em the bolts to make one for me and future sales
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    If it was brought in California it's a Cali bike... Yes some(ultra rare occurrence) bikes are from outta state but gotta follow wierd rules to plate/tag bike in Cali... Also the emissions sticker will show rather it's CARB approved or not... pulled pic from Google... Your bike is one of these 3 model numbers... FZ07 (FZ07HCL)- blue bike ???? FZ07 (FZ07HCR)- red bike color FZ07 (FZ07HCS)- silver bike ????
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    It's either : CA- extra emissions cannister- full unrestricted bike- California sold bikes EU- has 2 lvls... A full unrestricted bike or a LAMS bike ( slightly smaller CC/reduced power for license lvl)- used in EU countries, Australia USA- full unrestricted The small owners book will show on front cover the model number... For example: mine shows 2015-FZ07FW- since it's non-cali bike with "white color theme" If it was a cali bike it would be a shown as 2015-FZ07FCW - adds the "C" before the color code "W"... The "F" after the bike model ( FZ-07) is for fuel injection...
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    Kinda hard to visualize damage without any pictures. But first things first, no MAF on the MT07 (easy mistake, not trying to be rude). Im seeing two things: Smells like steam, air rushing noises. Why do you think its running lean? The pipe color? I thinking maybe a cracked airbox from the accident causing your air noises (which wont run as lean as your claiming it is). Exhaust gasket leak? Coolant some how getting into the cylinders? and causing the steam smell. Could explain the pipe color. Go all over everything, double check connections, hoses and make sure everything looks in the right place. Trying to help. Just going off what im reading in your post. BTW: You would really have to smash the living daylights outa that bike to "knock a valve loose" or damage a spark plug in an accident.
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    Iv'e never removed the aluminum coolant hard lines from a motorcycle before. Hopefully someone here has and will chime in
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    MORE THAN HALF WAY THERE! Since multiple people bought more than 1 part, we really only need THREE more people (or THREE more parts), to make 10 parts in total... - Paul
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    I think I misunderstood your question Aorry
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    I've thought about an extra layer of memory foam to help me deal with my specific problems, a little extra can't hurt.
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    I went from an FZ-07 to an FJ-09 then back to the FZ-07 (I kept it just in case i changed my mind thankfully). The seat on the 07 is acceptable. With an extra pad for really long trips it's actually really quite good. The Ergo's on the 07 are pretty good at everything. Outside of the engine, the MT-09 is not a better bike. It handles worse, it's more expensive to insure and fuel, and it's got the most annoying throttle in the world until you tune it (same for the FJ-09). You're better off spending the difference on a MT-10 than trying to get the MT-09 to a good place suspension, ergo, and engine wise.
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    Looks absolutely awesome! To me, stainless makes more sense on a race bike that is gonna see crashes from time to time. It sure looks like it will clear the stock tail.
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    I realize all the abs stuff is off, was just saying thats why your light is on. The speed sensor is down by the starter and should be separate of the abs. As you probably already know, you speed readout will be wack unless your overall combined ratio of your raptors tire dia and sprockets matches the MT. Don't know much about power commander but I doubt it need speed sensor, Rpm signal obviously though, gear position maybe? (Flashing is better IMO but completely different topic, no reason to derail. ) Side note: I bet that thing is a totally wicked machine.
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    The pipes and exhaust can body may be Ti but not the inside parts... Even my Graves exhaust has mild steel mesh inside... The rusty water stain is mainly from getting water inside the baffle when washing or from condensed water from short rides( exhaust can/packing does not get hot enough to boil off water)... The stock exhaust can had a like a 1mm drain hole on the bottom to let water out...
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    Depends on the vinyl but some colors fade worse than others. It is not a permanent solution and should be taken off anywhere from 3-5 years or else it adheres itself permanently to the parts and will start to look like crap over time and getting it off will be extremely hard.
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    Indeed he is and hence my wallet will be quite a bit lighter My order shipped right away and he takes the time to answer any and all questions. Thanks Again
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    Reminds me of the old CB 750 exhaust.
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    Count me in for an axle nut. I've got all the other things already Many of them from you. Always a good experience dealing with Bellissimoto.
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    I feel that unless you're of the target weight of the OEM shock, either new or old model, You'll not be happy with the shock without a spring swap also. Good luck finding a suspension option that works for you.
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    Damn it that stinks. If it's any consolation, at least you caught it when you did, it could have been a lot worse. Good Luck with getting it right.
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    Only issue should be the sensor Make sure they're all hooked and clean the GPS sensor Also, definitely need to see this thing on a go-kart track
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    I really doubt the dealer had it flashed but I guess it’s possible.
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    I've run most of the shocks on the market at one time or another. Everything from 2 up touring, solo sport touring to racing and canyon crawling. I have found the biggest thing is to get one, in your price range, you can get serviced quickly at reasonable cost and preferably locally. An exotic shock that has to 'go away' or waiting 4 weeks for parts from Timbukto is a pain. Any of the top brands will offer something for your application. Others that may be worth a look are Penske, Ohlins and JRi. They offer uprated 'street' shocks that offer better damping and rider specific springs w/o all of the expensive bells and whistles that most people never utilize. I've noticed that even most racers will never fool with their shocks capabilities but instead install it as delivered and learn to ride it as is. Don't waste your money on do dad's unless you are sure you need them, spend that cash on refreshing it every other year (or more if you flog your bike) A good shock is well worth the money and you'll love the way your bike handles and behaves. Sure (insert brand here) has $2000 shocks but they also have a $600 unit that will blow your mind on the street. .02 Cheers
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