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The best and the worst

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Feel free to make your own list of stuff that you feel have its best and worst performers. Here is mine (for now):
Worst bike I've ridden: Tempo Corvette 50 in a horrible conditions, with Sachs engine and flat tyres. Gearbox had mostly neutrals.
Best bike I've ridden: Triumph 900 Sprint due to its all-day comfort and suspension that would iron out just about any- and everything.
Worst bike to launch from a standstill: Suzuki VS1400 Intruder. Extremely grabby clutch and shaft drive made every start a cluncky and lurching affaire.
Best bike to launch from a standstill: Kawasaki VN800A Vulcan. Perfect throttle response and superb clutch let it do 0-30 in an instant with no tricks or revving required.
Least fun bike to ride: See Tempo above, but speaking of a real bike it was the Z1300 DFI that earned this title.
Most fun bike to ride: Yamaha FZ-07. Never have a bike been pieced together by so many bits of plastic or been so reluctant to give access to its spark plugs. But the ENGINE!!!
Worst bike to work on: Closely challenged by the FZ-07, the dubious winner of this title is the Royal Enfield 700 Meteor
Best bike to work on: Suzuki A100. I have no fond memories of the thing, but it was simple to work on beyond belief.
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Triumph has some good ass engineers, the seat even looks comfy.  BTW, pet that doggy for me!  ;)

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I reckon that dog lives in India or thereabouts - picture is lent from the interweb :D

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