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  2. Orangethunder

    New MT-07 owner

    Man I haven't seen any posts regarding that particular exhaust on this site. I find that very weird considering how nice it looks......
  3. when I did the 520 conversion Dew, I couldn't find an answer to this either ... so I just put the wide side out and it works fine....it does set the sprocket a tad closer to the engine, but I figgered it'd be ok, and it is....
  4. bugsinteeth

    New MT-07 owner

    welcome aboard ... lotsa good stuff here.....
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  6. 1tondriver

    New MT-07 owner

    Welcome and I am sure a search will come up with pics of the exhaust
  7. Your gut is right. There should also be stock/part numbers on the outward facing side of the sprocket.
  8. stickshift

    FTECU Quickshifter Install Instructions Help

    Airbox or rocker cover catch can, required for racing.
  9. What’s the empty bottle strapped underneath for? Just wondering
  10. bornagainbiker

    New MT-07 owner

    Welcome to the forum.
  11. Yup! Used all the same bolts that came on my 17. The 18 shock will bolt right up using the hardware that came on your bike.
  12. Orangethunder

    New MT-07 owner

    Hello all, I'm from the Gulf Coast in TX and just bought my 2019 MT-07 in Silver Ice and Orange this past Saturday. I traded a 2012 Ninja ZX6R for it. It's not nearly as fast but infinitely more comfy and still hooliganish fun hehe. I plan on a fender eliminator kit, full exhaust, ecu tune, front low profile turn leds, Shad top and side boxes, and air box mods to help squeeze the most out of the 689cc twin. The exhaust system that I have picked out 1st is the LeoVince GP dual system. I absolutely love how it looks. Does anyone else on here have this system installed? Thanks for having me and I look forward to learning more about this awesome bike!
  13. Nice! I think it looks great. I have been think of doing mine a dark Matt grey but I definitely like the black on yours so it’s got me thinking. How has the vinyl held up where your legs rub against it around the seat area? My only concern was would it turn white as you wear away the colour from the vinyl?
  14. My half hour long forum search came up dry so I'll ask this question I can only assume has already been asked at some point. Since I have my rims off for tire replacement I'm doing a 520 chain conversion using Driven brand steel sprockets if that matters. Since I don't have my rear tire in place I'm unable to site it to verify whether the wider shoulder on the countershaft sprocket goes towards the engine or towards the nut. The rear sprocket has even shoulders on it. My gut is telling me that to line up with the 520 rear sprocket the wider shoulder should go against the nut which should keep both sprockets centers on the same plane , but it's been 30 years since my last CS sprocket replacement and it wasn't a conversion. Can anyone confirm for me which orientation the 520 CS sprocket needs to be? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  15. Moving this out of tech tips, because this is not a tech tip. Thanks for following up with what you learned.
  16. rfmueller

    Current consensus on best windscreen

    I have two National Cycle wind screens. They really don't work well with FZ-07s unless you're willing to do some bracing. The tall wind screen jumped and bounced so much that it stripped out one of the large side head light bolts. I had to re-tap it. The bike was only about a month old at the time. I put thread locker blue on the bolts after that. It seemed to me that a lot of plastic inside that headlight mount was getting a great deal of torque stress on it so I built a brace and installed it from the windscreen mounting bracket to my handle bar. That changed the pivot point as well as dispersed the pulling up stress/torque on to four bolts instead of two, and eliminated the twist stress entirely. It's very stable now. Took some time to get the steel for the brace bent and set up just right. The bike is fully set up for touring which is why I went with the tall touring screen. Even has a 1 1/2 inch handle bar riser for more upright riding. After having gotten everything braced, I read some other FZ-07 owner's, reviews that have had the plastic mounting inside their headlamp assemblies snap. They confirmed my concerns. Anyway, it's all good now.
  17. bugsinteeth

    Adjusting your chain...... CORRECTLY !

    yes it is measured from the bottom....
  18. rfmueller

    Throttle Body Reference Side Gone

    Okay, nobody responded to this. As luck would have it, a fellow I work with used to be a certified Honda/Suzuki mechanic. I asked him the above question. Here's his answer: "Only way to verify is to adjust the reference, synch to the reference tb, and then go ride. Pull the plugs and check. White is too lean, dark and wet is too rich. Try to find a sweet middle point. Also riding it you can tell rich vs lean somewhat. Really lean will backfire and pop when you let off the gas, Rich will sort of bog out when you give it throttle and pick up as it gets more air. May need to readjust idle screw after adjustments too. Hope this helps." Throttle body reference setup is done at idle, so he continues "...To be honest you want to kill the bike while it is running in the range you are trying to check. So if you want to check your idle A/F ratio then shut it off while idling and check plugs. Midrange, hold throttle half open and kill bike then read plugs. Wide open, same process. I would check idle and mid for yours. Main fuel circuit will be controlled by your ecu. Those screws are really only adjusting idle and a little mid-range." I pulled a few spark plug images off line to compare to, and even better still, i have the original spark plugs from the bike and they look very healthy; lean according to some of the charts, but those were more for racing. This will be a long process. I'm also assuming he had the use of a dyno so the engine did bounce against the rev limiter by just putting it half throttle or full throttle, and cutting the engine. He got out of the business because the pay was poor.
  19. I put a national cycle sport screen on mine (2018, though, so our options are a bit different for now) and I like it. It definitely doesn't make the bike a touring machine, but I didn't really want something like that which kind of ruins the naked look. Instead, the sport screen feels like it smooths the air out a bit around me. I still feel it, but I don't feel like I have to fight as much, plus I can look around on the freeway without feeling like a total bobble head, especially when doing shoulder checks before switching lanes. It did increase the wind noise a bit though, so I picked up a set of earplugs. I'm about 6' and ride with a shoei RF1200 for reference - chin curtain is on too.
  20. I wasn't a hundred percent sure it was from the bottom of that fin or not.
  21. Honestly, there are so many videos I've seen on youtube that get this wrong on this specific bike so you're definitely not alone out there. Props for admitting to it!
  22. Props for admitting you're human. I never laugh at someone learning anything, anytime. In fact I've messed up so many things over the years I've forgot what I've forgotten and now get to make the same mistakes over again. Cheers
  23. mossrider

    FTECU Quickshifter Install Instructions Help

    I ended up with a tool tray full over the years but get yaself an assortment of these, Sportbike Track Gear Sportbike Track Gear offers one of the best selections of motorcycle gear in the industry. Buy helmets, jackets, parts, tires & more online for a great price! Or you can measure and get just what you need, but it will still be wrong, anyway get some, Then, arrange your shift gear to end up something like this, (makes no diff what kind/style of rearset you have) With approximate 90° angles everywhere there is a force direction change. Your pressure pot can go on either end of said rod, whichever gives the best clearance. Route your sensor wire where it won't get pulled apart or pinched by boots or bodywork, remember it has to move with the apparatus. Then zip tie it securely out of the way.
  24. I really hate to admit this, but as old as I am, and as many chains as i've adjusted in my life, this bike taught me something today. I'm somewhat swallowing my pride to relate it, but.... I Decided that the vibration I have been chasing since I bought this thing had something to do with the chain today, ( every time I oiled the chain it was smoother ), so I decided to check - adjust it, AGAIN.....got out the service manual to check what I thot was the correct distance, and found that the measurement is from the ~ BOTTOM ~ of the RIB on the chain-guide rubber thingamajig, to the ~ CENTER ~ of the chain. whodathunkit ?..... Re-Measured, Re-adjusted.....( considerably tighter than I was keeping it )....and guess what?..... Vibration all but gone !! ok, now you can laff......
  25. I know, I just had to buy one. If anyone needs 1 get a deep well if you have case savers on the stator + you don't have to remove the left footpeg. It only becomes apparent when you have to use a breaker bar and the 1/2 torque wrench. Luckily thats all that O'Reillys had when I got there on Saturday. $12 as opposed to $10, plus it makes a good weapon.
  26. bugsinteeth

    2020 season thread

    I'da sold it and moved to .... wherever... LOL
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