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  2. mossrider

    Swapping ECUs

    Rock on!
  3. Slono

    Swapping ECUs

    I swapped them and it starts fine. I don’t really know how immobilizers in bikes and cars work so I was worried about the motorcycle shutting down while I was riding or something crazy like that. But since it starts fine is it safe to assume that the immobilizer did NOT kick in and there will be no immobilizer related issues going forward?
  4. klx678

    Yamaha XSR-700 Born Tomorrow

    And thank God for that. By the way it is XS650. They had crap starters, carbs that got temperamental, vibrated, and weren't particularly fast unless "breathed on" by Shell Thiutt... I am so glad Mr XSR is No XS650! I wouldn't have bought it if it was.
  5. klx678

    Yamaha XSR-700 Born Tomorrow

    That's part of it for me too. I like the conservative look, not into the angular covers over everything look. My choice. As for the technology, I prefer to have some newer technology, I not only rode the 30-40 year old models back in the day, I sold them. I know the pitfalls of some and know there are some that would be absolutely fantastic still today, the only negatives being no ABS and carbs instead of EFI. The latter being something that is no big deal in general if the bike is ridden all the time or prepped when put away for the winter season. One specific bike that comes to mind would be the Nighthawk S. But that's my opinion. Funny you want more modern styling of the FZ07 then imply it has race ergonomics (maybe I'm misreading that though). I prefer the flat track look and a riding position similar to a flat tracker, not the peg set up, which is staggered, but the bars/seat set up and that of a dual sport. Similar and open. Good for longer term riding comfort. I don't really see the XSR as anything other than what it is, a heck of a bike that happens to have a bit plainer features than most, rounded fenders, round headlight. Don't care for the tail light though. I have to believe most here are very similar in the performance aspect, differing mainly or even only in our preferences for appearance of our rides. Nothing wrong with that. I'm just glad that the XSR and MT/FZ are fraternal twins, gave me a far better idea how good the package was considering how long the FZ/MT have been around. Seems to me the Tenere and Tracer kind of make it a bit more like fraternal quadruplets. Good deal.
  6. klx678

    Yamaha XSR-700 Born Tomorrow

    A face lift can be a different bike. They just plain don't look alike, period. That makes a difference to a buyer. I know it did for me. I was never drawn to the FZ07/MT07, but the XSR got me big time and I picked one up knowing full well that I could have done the MT07 for less or the MT09 for a bit more. They were NOT what I wanted. Really, what's it take to have what you said? A high pipe? Cross bar on the handle bars? Gee, isn't that just the look? I never actually heard of it until I got interested in the XSR and started looking for information on it and on the 700 engine. I didn't see it as retro by any means. The only retro on it for me was the goofy lollipop tail light. But I can live with that for the rest of the package. What I saw was a bike that didn't have a lot of covers, more bare bones, with an engine that hasn't really gotten any negative feedback on it and that it is the same basic engine used in the AFT twins and production twins class, not to mention the road racing in the twins class in the FZ set up - I think. I saw it as the nearest thing I could get to a street tracker without blowing a whole lot of money building one. The potential is there to get much closer with the addition of a flat track seat/tail section, no frame cutting with the bolt on rear loop. The tank is closer to the look of the Estenson racing Yamahas. I know they started with the FZ07, but the bikes are essentially fraternal twin motorcycles since the general bike is the same, with some layout change with the seat/tank/bars/fenders. Looks like the general package is near the same along with peg position. Suffice it to say I never ever looked at this bike with any thought about retro (actually didn't see it that much once learning about the marketing) I looked at it from the dirt track point of view and liked what I saw. When I learned how the engine performed and read no negatives, I was pretty much sold. It was never "open face or half shell with googles", it was always either full face or dual sport. The tank is as close to that flat track tank as it can be, having to carry significantly more gas, so I live with what would be termed a huge tank. I'm betting a whole lot of XSR riders went for the appearance they liked versus the "retro homage" talking points. They, like me, just saw a bike that finally tripped their trigger. A lot more riders (based on the XSR700 forum) went for the ability to take off the rear fender and go with what I consider bizarre millennial look where they cut down or take off fenders, add fork gaiters, and "murder the bike out" with dull lifeless colors for some sense of being intimidating. Apologies to those of you who do that, your choice and no problem with that, just doesn't work for me. I see that with a variety of bikes, frequently older models, so maybe that's why Yamaha went with that look and implied "retro homage", can't do the same look with an MT or similar bike so they link it to the XS650, a fairly popular bike with which to do that stuff, but the old Honda twins and fours are also in there. I only wish it was affordable to put a 19/18 wheel set on it with some Dunlop K180s or the like on it.
  7. mossrider

    Swapping ECUs

    I'd start by just swapping the ecu's and trying it. It only takes a few minutes. If it doesn't start I'd probably just get his flash kit software and pay for another license from FTECU and flash your ecu, it won't take long to eat up more time/money fooling with the immobilizer than the cost of a new flash. You could also check with FTECU to see if they have or can over ride the immobilizer function with the flash so it simply ignores the immobilizer if so equiped. Again, I'm not fluent in immobilizer technospeak. Cue @bornagainbiker or another northerner that might know more about these infernal magic starters. My $.02.
  8. bugsinteeth

    FZ-07 stuff for sale....traded my bike for a Tracer 900.....

    Thanks Paul...I've been in "Heat" forra while now.... the ECU is at 2WDW getting fixed as we speak.....
  9. geophb

    Swapping ECUs

    ^It won't start.
  10. x-mas is arriving a bit early , I guess Santa wanted to see how he could make his sled faster since he knows "someone" is building a fast track bike...
  11. Slono

    Swapping ECUs

    How would I know if the immobilizer is kicking in?
  12. bornagainbiker

    Greetings from the South Y'all🙋‍♂️

    Welcome to the forum.
  13. Actually, they've been changed to something else when the motor was built. Wasn't my doing, and their not even the same brand I use, so I will definitely be changing them to Spiegler lines
  14. cornerslider

    TST's Integrated Taillight

    TST has really nice stuff. I have the integrated tail light on my 2016 FZ-07. I've never been pulled over. The LED's are the brightest I've seen. I got the clear version, but after seeing how bright they are, I'm sure the smoked would have been fine too-
  15. Could you run a transponder under the seat or tail? I imagine your brake lines are too long now, like mine. Mine are still the stock lines, but the bars are probably 7"+ lower now. lol
  16. Thanks! I'm pretty happy with it. I didn't account for a transponder, so I'll have to re-address the fairing mount and add to it. Not sure though because it looks clean as is, and I don't want to many things on the fairing stay. I'll see what makes sense...probably hours and hours of staring at it and I'll think of something, LoL! The brake lines will be the next challenge after the belly pan. Right now, there is no binding or interference lock to lock at full extension and normal ride height, however, I have them strategically zip tied. I can run with it as is, but I'm gonna get new lines anyway (Cause I want different color fittings) and try and find a more elegant solution. - Paul
  17. I was running a TST when I got pulled over by a NY State Trooper for no inspection. For what it's worth, he made no mention of the lack of factory rear turn signals. I feel the blinking brake light really gets everyone's attention over stock.
  18. blackout

    Greetings from the South Y'all🙋‍♂️

    Welcome, looks nice! I love the middle east states. Not too warm, not too cold.
  19. Looks fantastic! I want to do the same layout with the dash and a solo 2. Nice job. It's tighter in there than one would think. (I do not own a Solo, but hope to buy a Solo 2 DL.) You are so right about staring at your project. That takes most of the time and then thinking about stuff in the shower and the drive to work.
  20. The difference you say? The one on the right is MOUNTED!!! Finished mounting the rest of the main body pieces (both sets) last night. Next up is the belly pan. Not exactly sure how I'm gonna approach it. Maybe fit my buddies belly pan first, since I KNOW it fits with his mounts, and then see how much grafting it'll take to look how I want, OR, just hack up the Paolo Tex belly pan and extend and shorten where I need and put it together with popsicle sticks holding the individual pieces in place - then let my fiberglass guy fill in the voids to make it solid so he can make a mold. We'll see how it goes. Wish me luck...I'm actually dreading this part of the build, haha. - Paul
  21. Hey, I ride in S.Carolina. I try and get out as often as the weather allows. I love the FZ/MT-07! This is my second one. I have an MT-09, and am part of the sister forum. I love hooning on the 07 though! Here's a video. Tell me what you think! I look forward to being a part of this great community!
  22. You're gonna love the Tracer! I have one also (GT) and LOVE it! - Paul
  23. In an unexpected twist of things, we just had a bunch of Gilles items arrive! We'll be filling orders in order (which we have the parts for), so some of you will be getting tracking info soon! - Paul
  24. Most of their stuff is universal actually, except of course the items specifically for the XSR. I'm sure the universal stuff could work, but I'm sure there would be some custom fabrication involved as it's not plug and play. - Paul
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    Welcome to the forum, MrGym10

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    Welcome to the forum, choban

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