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  2. slideways

    2017 FZ-07 ABS

    Senior owned and well loved and cared for. This bike, and I’ve had an ‘M’ on my license for 54yrs and owned many, many bikes, is one of my all time favorites and the engine is hands down my favorite. The thing is this bike makes me want to be a hooligan and I’m too old to ride stupid but not mature enough to resist. Used this primarily to commute and go to the Rockstore on weekends and swap lies with friends. To give an idea of how this bike was used I’ve averaged 52.2mpg since new and that doesn’t happen if you are riding hard. Bike has never been down or even tipped over. The tires are near new with a longer wearing Michelin Pilot Power on the rear and a sticky Michelin Power GP up front. Other upgrades include: ABS brake system Puig adjustable levers LED headlight K&S sequential LED signals Super Sprox chainring Woodcraft adjustable “clip-ons” Two Brothers full stainless exhaust ECU flashed Graves Racing tail tidy SW Motech rack (replaces pillion) original passenger seat included CustomLED programmable Blaster tail light Vortex billet gas cap Battery tender harness EBC H1 brake pads Fenda Extenda Clear bra wrap on tank and headlight Near new is not an exaggeration. This is not my first rodeo and I don’t need help selling this. Also not intersted in a cashier’s check even if it’s for more than the asking price. I will accept cash in person from the buyer whose name will be on the pink only. Also there is no delivery available you must ride it home or transport it yourself. $5999
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  4. I installed my sliders with just the side stand. Make sure you do one at a time.
  5. seven

    R6 thottle tube

    I think I am actually going to order both the Yamaha and the Motion Pro. I just called Motion Pro and they claim that the 01-1303 tube is supposed to be the same as the OE throttle tube. For $11 I will order it and see what it is like and possibly use it to grind my own taper on it and make my own taper for better off idle sensitivity and then ramp up to quick throttle goodness. If I bugger the Motion Pro tube up, it won't hurt as bad. LOL. I will give it a try as-is first though...maybe I will like it.
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  10. I was advised that the bike should be upright (not on the side stand) and the engine supported when installing the frame sliders. Is that a valid concern?
  11. None of those stores are present in Switzerland but knowing that hex heads are not uncommon I'm sure I'll find it eventually.
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  13. Yes! And add checking the swing arm for play too.
  14. I got a hex head for my torque wrench from either Lowes or Harbor Freight, I do not remember which but I am sure they both have them if you do not want to wait for it to ship from somewhere.
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  17. Restlessone

    Just another "all-around bike" MT build

    How do you like the seat? Does it add height? Looks nice!
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      Many thanks for the add.

  19. I'm getting the heads ported and polished and getting the throttle bodies bored out for some performance upgrade. You can drop crazy money into your bike if you want to. I considered trading her for a FZ/MT 09-10. But most of what I see are pretty much stock, no tail tidy, no slip on, etc. I've done these upgrades to mine already. She came with a PC V that I've had tuned and a free dyno job at a bike night here in town. With the P&P, and bored throttle body I could pick up maybe 10 hp or so.
  20. When I first bought my 07, I took her on the interstate and let her rip. She got up to 113 mph. That was the only time I've done it. I ride 80-85 on the freeway and have no issues with her. Check your head bearing for proper torque value, air in your tires, and your wheel bearings.
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  22. Thanks! Out of 20, LoL. Actually, it was out of 28 I think tbh. I'm pretty happy. I improved every session on a track I've only been to twice before. I didn't finish last, and I didn't finish lower than where I started - and I beat a rival of mine from the club racing days haha.
  23. FZ not MT

    R6 thottle tube

    Gotta say... unless you are tight for cash, and while it will totally suck to pay $50 for that throttle (considering the US price), it's worth every bit. It's a seriously good upgrade, and if I didn't know what it cost in the US, I would not complain that it was a waste of money at $50.
  24. Is this what you mean? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08Q4BJRLY You can find these in 1/4-3/8-1/2" drive, depending on your ratchet size. Quick Google search for "1/2 hex bit metric" or likewise will bring up a bunch of options
  25. seven

    R6 thottle tube

    Believe me I have been Googling it. Most places that have good prices are out of the US and the shipping makes it the same or more expensive. I miss the days of being able to order parts to a nearby US border town with free, zip across the border, grab my parts and be done with it. Soon I hope the borders open up again.
  26. I got my frame sliders today and the bolt they come with has a hex head (10mm). How can hex head bolts be tightened to the correct torque? Are there hex inserts for torque wench? I tried a search but without much success.
  27. The old pre-O-ring chains run on the early 70s Honda CB750s and Z1 Kawasaki 900s would get seriously hot when run hard. They ate chains. The O-ring chain was a game changer for the early super bikes.
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