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  2. Pursuvant

    Ohlins suspension settings (Share) XSR700

    Ohlins recommendations (from the install settings Ohlins calculated for your suspension when you ordered from Ohlins) are "xx clicks from fully open". I track my "click" settings from "fully closed" - all my settings in this post are from fully closed. That's could be a big difference
  3. Pursuvant

    Front fork spacer lenght

    Practical, valuable applied advice M.H.
  4. Zephyr

    Cable bracket location?

    Welp. Looks like I was wrong. Thanks @Pursuvant for clarifying for us all.
  5. Pursuvant

    Cable bracket location?

    Right side of bike (foot brake side view) below the ECU (cover)... Holding it with my finger to show where it "fits"... Pics from the XSR700 variant, the "faster brother" of the FZ hehe
  6. Claude

    Front fork spacer lenght

    As a follow-up, I followed sag measurements instructions posted by M. Hausknecht (thanks again BTW!!!). With stock fork spacers front sag is 35 mm (without riding gear). This is about the correct amount to have so I left the spacers as is. I’m quite surprised as previous readings made me believe the front end was oversprung and I was convinced I would need to shorten the spacers. I’m not a lightweight at 200 lbs but I’m not a real heavyweight either. Rear sag was 40 mm with two (stiffer) adjustment notches remaining on the shock. I simply turned it to the next stiffer one. I will measure the new sag soon but it should be pretty close to OK. NB: I did found 34 mm OD PVC pipe but won’t need it... ******************** EDIT *** Oops! Forgot to say that I changed the fork oil though; I poured 20W in the tubes.
  7. Cruizin

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  8. Cruizin

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  9. Zephyr

    Cable bracket location?

    I just took a look at my bike and that part is definitely located under the fairing somewhere. Is your left (clutch side) fairing on? If I get a chance this week, I'll try and pop my fairing off and see if I can locate it. (2016 year model).
  10. cornerslider

    Race bike is ready for new season

    I switched from Michelin, to Pirelli on my last race weekend (September 2022). I switched from the 180/55/17 Michelins, to a 180/60/17 Pirelli.. I never even got a practice lap on the Pirelli's. I did my first race on them on a damp/cold track, with temps in the mid-50's.... I figure I "tried" the Pirellis' in the worst possible scenario, and NEVER lost traction. The warmers never interfered with the exhaust either. I also dropped one tooth in the front gearing. I'm looking forward to trying them in the heat!!!!
  11. Evill_Ed

    Race bike is ready for new season

    Your bike looks great. I prefer the naked look myself. My reason to go with race fairings was to get lower clips ons so I could get lower om the bike. On a naked look, I would have to remove the air scoops and then find a way to make it look good again. Anyway, your bike looks great. Good luck this season. Ed
  12. Evill_Ed

    Race bike is ready for new season

    Funny, I was considering slicks and warmers this year, but decided to stick with the Dunlops, going to Q5's this season.. It never occurred to me that the clearance is so tight with the Akra Ti and a 180/60 that a warmer might not fit. I already use a 42 rear sproket to move the wheel back in the swing arm. I still get two rubber marks on the exhaust when the tire grows fro acceleration or flexes in hard turns. Ed
  13. Last week
  14. Looking forward to seeing how this goes.
  15. How are you doing with the tire warmer on the rear with the Akrapovic Ti pipe? Are you doing 180/55/17 or 180/60/17? Good Luck this season @cornerslider
  16. cornerslider

    Race bike is ready for new season

    As much as I truly appreciate all the full-blown conversions folks are doing to the FZ/MT-07's, I can't ride/race them any more... I'm 54 years old, and I have a fused neck, and titanium hardware near my spinal cord (NOT from a crash). I race with a "Leatte'" road-race specific neck brace to prevent further damage. My range of motion in my neck is VERY limited. As such, I could never reap any benefits from racing a bike with full bodywork... Most the folks here probably remember @mossrider..... I helped him "pit" at Road America for a MotoAmerica event. He encouraged me to get my race license, and even offered to let me race his FZ-07 to do so!!! I threw a leg over his FZ-07, and I could literally only lift my head enough to see about 20 feet in front of the bike.... All I could think was "nope", not gonna work out- Last year I decided to get my race license, and used my "naked" FZ-07 to do so. I had the time of my life!!!! I was kind of inspired the "Super-Hooligan" class in MotoAmerica. It was soooo cool to see naked bikes racing, I went for it!!!! Granted, I know I'm at a disadvantage, but it is very satisfying to pass another FZ-07 with full bodywork.... I race in the CRA (club-racing)... Truth is @mossrider, raced in that same club, and he has been a great mentor to me. He even found another "old-guy" they call "Wild Bill", to race my bike in the 5-hour endurance race with me in September!!! We still need another rider, but I think by September we can find a third rider!!! Most folks that look at my "naked" FZ-07 are impressed- or maybe those that don't just keep their "pie-hole-shut"???? Either way, I'm looking forward to a great season!!! I'm attaching pics (because its fun)-
  17. This is most common way bikes blow up this days. I have computer full of pictures Very rare stock bike will do this.
  18. cornerslider

    What happen to blown R7 motor thread?

    I've been following this since the beginning. I think the OP was smart to remove the thread that he started. As someone else pointed out, it's a good "cover-your-a$$" move..... I do however, find it truly sad that the general public can't openly discuss a product that we purchased. I would think that as consumers- we paid the price of admission to do so??? If big "Y" can silence a group of people on a forum, then they have done a great disservice to ALL of their customers!!! I truly feel bad for the OP... If big "Y' doesn't "step-up-to-the-plate" on this, shame on them. We all know the excitement of having that *NEW* bike!!!! I'm certain this was a very isolated incident. I've never heard of anything like this before? The OP definitely lost his smile on this one....
  19. I need one of those letters please, to get my wife to stop saying "don't forget to take the garbage out"
  20. That was exactly what went through this tiny brain with @Pursuvant stated about Big Y
  21. M. Hausknecht

    What happen to blown R7 motor thread?

    Oh gosh, as an ex-attorney with over 35 years' experience, I am familiar with "cease and desist"letters. I think I've even sent a few at one time or another. Typically, they are used to ask someone to stop using a trademark or other intellectual property owned by someone else, creating confusion in the marketplace as to the origin of goods or services, or to stop defaming someone. A cease and desist letter is not binding and it doesn't require anyone to do anything, although as a potential precursor to being sued, the merits of the threat to sue need to be understood. I suppose if your business is small enough, even the mere threat of litigation could be enough to persuade the potential defendant from continuing the challenged behavior, but many such cease and desist letters are bullsh*t on their merits. So ok, I guess I've answered my own question. Yamaha could write a letter and the owner(s) of this site could decide to shut it down rather than dare Yamaha to do something about it.
  22. A legal letter. "A cease and desist is a written notice demanding that the recipient immediately stop an illegal or allegedly illegal activity" The key words are in the definition of Illegal. Which could be 'translated' as slanderous or derogatory. Have seen businesses go after little places (smaller than here) because they didn't like what was being said.
  23. @Cruizin (who "owns" this forum) had a post about a situation a few years back. He asked members to not provoke big Y, but I don't remember specifics, except "one letter from Y" and he would have to close. Maybe he will jump in here to answer your question...
  24. M. Hausknecht

    What happen to blown R7 motor thread?

    Pardon my ignorance but how could Yamaha shut the site down? It isn't used for commercial purposes.
  25. Imo - it's a bad idea to host "owner vs Yam" threads. Yamaha could shut our forum down. Glad you worked it out with OP.
  26. Cruizin

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  27. The OP did delete the thread and he will post an update once the problem is resolved.
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