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  2. TheAbhartach

    2018 OEM Mirrors

    Anybody need these? Make an offer.
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  4. D.A.

    FS: stuff

    Your rear axle sliders / spools are the ones manufactured by OES (OESaccessories.com). OES make top quality parts. $25 shipped is a great price!
  5. Cruizin

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    • jimmy.weis.95@gmai

    Welcome to the forum, jimmy.weis.95@gmai

  6. Are you saying those also have expansion adapters that are smaller than 7/8" so you can't clamp them directly to the Rhino adapters?
  7. I've been looking around for sound clips of the Akra Ti with either the RC8 or MT-09 killer but could only find the ones in @topazsparrow and @Ruuben threads where some of the links have stopped working. Does anyone else have clips of these?
  8. yea i got the mzs mirrors the crg arrow rip offs https://www.amazon.com/MZS-Bar-End-Mirrors-Motorcycle/dp/B0895YMYHL/ref=sr_1_2?crid=13T3D0S10VJH4&dchild=1&keywords=mzs+mirrors&qid=1634758376&sprefix=mzs+%2Caps%2C209&sr=8-2
  9. Cruizin

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  10. DewMan

    R6 thottle tube

    Then hang on to the R6 tube until after you've gotten the Tune done then you'll be a happy camper if my experience is any indicater.
  11. PMT-07

    R6 thottle tube

    I actually just bought the bike, and it had it installed. The 2WDW tune is next on my list. Plus this is my first bike and that thing has made my experience terrible in the beginning lol
  12. DewMan

    R6 thottle tube

    if the r6 was twitchy for you, you should just stick with the stock tube IMO. I'm guessing you've not had a 2WDW tune done on yours? I would not have gone to an R6 without the tune smoothing out the throttle response.
  13. Well you can turn it off and on. By using the clutch
  14. I test rode a FZ 09 with a quick shifter. It seems that through the years I've developed a habit of getting my toe ready to shift, so I was constantly activating the quick shifter prematurely by accident, which is kinda rough on the bike. They don't operate like a paddle shift where you just choose gears, you have to have some speed up and be on the throttle to use it. I did give it a try under hard throttle blasts and it works, but otherwise it felt in the way and I can't understand the usefulness of one away from a dragstrip. Street riding, you're gonna have to be on the ON the throttle EVERYWHERE, or your gonna be abusing your transmission. My whole life has been a constant exercise to produce smoother inputs on the bike ( especially shifting in corners) and banging a quick shifter negates that. If it were a function you could turn on and off on the fly so you could have some fun with it occasionally, Id play with it here and there. Otherwise it just feels in the way.
  15. mcbrien

    FS: stuff

    Thanks for everyone's input.
  16. klx678

    FS: stuff

    Probably help a lot if location was posted - the country. I kind of doubt they will want to ship international for $5.
  17. I've not ridden an MT07 with a QS yet.. but one will be going on mine asap. Full Race Unit complete system to fit KAWASAKI ZX-10R (2006 - 2007) You're purchasing complete Full Race Unit system to fit the selected model.In the kit you will receive a Dual Motion shift sensor which... I had one of these fitted to the wifes ZX6R last year and it's absolutely exceptional, both on road and track. I also had the MT09 QS fitted to my XSR900, which again was absolutely great fun. Yes, even on the roads. I'll be fitting one of the above to the MT07 once it's run in.
  18. shinyribs

    FS: stuff

    I think he's just clarifying that he priced the items according to 1/2 their price new + $5 for shipping to come to his "shipped" price, not that he's adding $5 to the listed shipped price.
  19. mjh937

    FS: stuff

    @mcbrien, I moved it to the Parts for sale section for you.
  20. Last week
  21. Triple Jim

    FS: stuff

    Also, giving the item prices as "shipped" and then saying to add $5 for shipping is a contradiction. I'm not saying you shouldn't charge for shipping, just that it doesn't go along with the "shipped".
  22. mcbrien

    FS: stuff

    Oops I posted this in the wrong section .
  23. I personally don't think it's worth it for the street, given their cost. I guess it comes down to what you're willing to pay for the extra smiles. I find it to be a benefit on the track. The 07's gearbox is not the slickest around and the quickshifter does reduce shifting time, every bit of gain can help at the track. It doesn't affect clutching up for wheelies.
  24. C.Overly

    premature shifting

    I complete agree with this diagnosis. When i first got my MT07, the shifter placement was rather low. I have some big shoes and it was difficult to fully release the shifter between shifts. If the shifter wasnt fully released between shifts, it would act exactly as you described. I have since adjust the shifter placement to a much high position and basically eliminated the issue. Exaggerated toe pointing does help to build that muscle memory of making sure the shifter is released.
  25. Cruizin

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  26. Triple Jim

    premature shifting

    A problem with that when the transmission dogs are not undercut is that if you don't quite get them fully engaged when you open the throttle, there can be load on that fork for a prolonged time. If the dogs are undercut they tend to pull themselves into full engagement and unload the fork. To upshift, I like to let off the throttle, pull in the clutch lever, shift, and hold the shift lever long enough to get the clutch engaged. That ensures that the dogs are fully engaged.
  27. DimitrisCh


    Hello guys,
    I bought a used 2020 mt 07 dash to replace my 2018,

    the problem is that mine has 24 pin MX34024SF1 plug and the new one has 28 pin

    plug mx34028sf1.
    In order to able to pin my cables in a 28 pin connector ,I need the wire diagram of the 2020+ model or a photo of its plug where both sides of the cables are to be seen.

    In order to find out their order.

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