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  2. It’s just a momentary switch. Pretty simple to test with a meter.
  3. FNGFZ07Rider

    Dave Moss Tuning videos

    I think there’s another thread about this. Here’s my take, the front is soft for my weight (170lbs 185-190lbs) with commuting gear/ back pack. I mainly commute and do spirited rides on the weekends. I shortened the front spacer 10mm and replaced the oil to 15w Belray. The front doesn’t dive as harsh and dampens allot better. So this budget fix does work for my needs. I also just ordered a Ktech Razor R LITE.
  4. Cruizin

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  5. Had enough interest in the subframes I made for Darren James’s new bikes so I added them to the website. Both as a kit and just the replacement subframe. They aren’t cheap but I think they are the nicest on the market both for and finish. Drops almost 7lbs off the frame in the back. On my postage scale 6 lbs 10oz less than the Oem portion. Both Tellis and Dimple Die versions available. Trellis adds a bit of cost for the extra fitting but looks awesome. available to order here FZ-07 / MT07 Aluminum Removable Racing Subframe Kit | Robem Engineering | Lightweight Twins Racing| United States FZ-07 / MT-07 Aluminum removable subframe. This part does require cutting and...
  6. Yes you are right I had a typo in there: here’s my package from All Balls
  7. I watched some videos on youtube by Dave Moss Tunning and seriously considering to check and address my suspension setup. Yamaha FZ-07 / MT-07 Fatal Flaw and How To Fix It How To Fix Yamaha FZ-07 / MT-07 Fork Problem I bought my FZ brand new, bike was NOT adjusted by yamaha dealership for me (welcome to Florida). I do not know even what bike's suspension needs to be adjusted prior riding. It has about 30,000 mostly commuting miles now. At 22,000 miles left fork started to leak. Mechanic replaced seals in the both forks and put heavier fork oil. I tried test suspension like Dave doing in his videos. I don't have crazy bouncing front like all FZ-07 he checked. Second test, after pumping bike down couple times he pulls it up (checking back and front). I have a little travel up in front suspension, but at the back no any free travel up at all when suspension is settled under bike's weight. I ride in the flat-state and 99% of the time I am doing city commuting. Do I need to apply his fixes or just ride and "do not fix that is not broken"? Dave suggests these fixes almost to every FZ-07 owner: * to lift up front fork by 8mm in the triple clamp. He says FZ-07 front forks are hight to the moon. * to shorten front spring spacer by 10mm * use thinker oil (my bike-shop done this already).
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  10. Here is what my brackets turned out like. I will be painting them black.
  11. Slept on it more and I think this is ultimately the way to go...
  12. twf

    2008 R6 Shock Info

    I can take shocks apart and swap parts if combination you looking at will work. I do not know if it will work without seen it all apart. Personally I am not interested in researching which shocks may work. That is up to you, I just offered to do part you can't do yourself and your shop does not want to deal with any more. Basically if you send me 2 shocks I will take them apart and see what it takes to make it work. It can be doable easy or it can be more involved and not worth doing it.
  13. I am a time traveler. For those of you who posted in this thread earlier I have come from the future. To those of you reading this for the first time, I have come from the past. My mission is to help point out that I believe @fzar had a typo above (highlighted by me): The part number @pattonme referenced (quoted by fzar right above) is 38-6096 not 30-6069. All Balls Racing does not have a part number 30-6069, and save yourself the embarrassing search history as “All Balls” plus anything with the number “69” in it will return a lot of gay porn sites. These are not the type of forks you’re looking for. My work here is done.
  14. blackout

    Blackout's 2020 Mods....

    After fixing several leaks from the air pressure test, I decided to fill the new fuel tank with water and see what happens. Only one leak so far to fix. And my fuel pump mounting setup is leak free so far.
  15. Seems like your experience is similar to others. In my case, i'm 190lbs + gear, and even with the preload adjuster at at minimum the shock is way to stiff, and sags less than yours. Maybe Yamaha ran out of springs that day and used one from a Ford F350?
  16. Absolutely agree there is no substitute for an actually human that knows what they are doing advise. No one should be scared into doing anything. I chose to do what I saw there as it is a $0, fully reversible change, and more than anything just gives me an excuse to spend some time tinkering with my bike. However, I probably should not have posted that here and instead in its own topic as it was an aside to why I started this topic. I phrased the initial topic as "can't get static sag", only because thats what I believe to be the issue - I agree with you the most important thing is not the sag numbers, but how the bike feels...and mine doesn't feel great in certain situations. I still believe this is due to the rear having no free play above it's resting position - each time the suspension rebound on a bump or hump in the road it rebounds onto a hard and abrupt stop - I assume right now this can be cured by adding some amount of static sag/free play at the top of the shock's stroke. Even a millimeter would be welcome, at the very least so that I could ride the bike and verify if that is actually the issue.
  17. Cruizin

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  18. YZEtc

    New MT-03

    Put a few more miles on the bike yesterday after making a few changes: I installed a different throttle tube (plastic part the throttle grip slides over) that I had from one of my previous Yamaha motorcycles. This one has a larger-diameter part where the throttle cables attach, changing the ratio of how far the throttle must be twisted to open the throttle fully. It now takes a bit less rotation. I then installed some Renthal grips (although other brands would have worked, too) because I felt the stock grips were not very grippy and felt a little too large in diameter for my taste. These feel better. I then installed EBC HH front brake pads. These have been proven to give more braking power with other bikes I've owned, and it is the same with my MT-03. The stock front brake was good, and now it is very good, something that is a must in order for me to really enjoy my motorcycles.
  19. Redesigned the fairing stay bracket for the bike last night. I wanted better access to the fasteners and the mount to be able to hinge open. Eliminated one of the stay bolts and reduce the size of the vertical height by using a dowel pin to locate the tube assembly on the mount. I'll kick it around a couple more days before ordering material but I think that it wont change much.
  20. blackout

    Blackout's 2020 Mods....

    The R3 fender is a tad too wide, so I cut it down the center and will glass the two halves back to fit. There is much better clearance with this fender.
  21. Thought it was sorted out after sending my ECU back to 2WDW again but still having issues. It was working as it should at the end of last season until I sent ECU back to 2WDW to add Active Tune. Got it back and nothing. Had to send the ECU out again and got it back this week and it only works shifting the first 2 gears . Not sure what’s going to happen next but has to be ECU related. I think 2WDW is getting tired of the whole situation as well as they are not responding too quickly. I just want the damn thing to work. If I were to do it again I wouldn’t go ftecu... So I wait for a response and hopefully a resolution.
  22. bornagainbiker

    Tanudder racebike

    Happy hour only helps to inspire. LOL.
  23. rfmueller

    Cannot set sag on rear?

    It seems like it is a matter of personal taste and what works for you. I love the suspension on my FZ. According to the so-called standard, I have the tension set too tightly for cruising, but it feels great to ride it. I'm 155 pounds + gear, and have the tightening gear set on smack in the middle, (whatever step that is). It only sags about 28mm total, including no-load sag. The sitting position is wonderful on the back, and I enjoy feeling the road. And, when loaded up with road trip gear, there's no need for more tightening.
  24. rfmueller

    Bent Sprocket - Advice Desired

    Last night I found that post you wrote a while back.
  25. rfmueller

    Bent Sprocket - Advice Desired

    Since the start of the COVID thing the roads have been great. And, riding to work is an excuse to be out on the bike. So grateful to have that little enjoyment back when the weather allows.
  26. Rogxg

    Dynojet quickshifter install

    Ended up moving the gear selector arm in a new position for it to fit. I have a new shift rod on the way that is long, so that I can keep the original gear selector arm position.
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