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  2. Cruizin

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  3. FrodoFZ

    Super Hooligan FZ

    Got the motor remounted a few hours ago with the help of my cousin, and was able to install the new titanium mounts. I must say, they fit nicely!! Super stoked on how it looks with the motor in place
  4. FZ not MT

    Best FZ-07 tires?

    I'm running Michelin PR4s, and weigh too damn much. I am running 36F and 39R which make the bike handle much better than the recommended pressures. Matter of fact, I never understood what was so great about those tires at the stock pressures, but sure do now. Weight definitely makes a difference.
  5. Cruizin

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  6. Yesterday
  7. Lima 1/2 mile flat track saw Cory Texter win on his Yamaha 700 in the Production Twins with a good margin to spare. Cameron Smith came from the penalty line to fourth place on his 700, after being penalized for delaying the races for a couple of minutes for an ignition problem. In the Pro Twins Dallas Daniels, on his Estensen Racing Yamaha, won the Dash for Cash race at the last instant over the Indian of Brandon Robinson. In the final Daniels was knocked off line in the second turn on the first lap, losing a fair amount of ground, while Robinson pulled out a strong lead. Daniels cut into the lead actually getting up to show Robinson a front wheel, but it was Robinson's night and Daniels came in second to the Indian. The AFT Pro Twins is actually becoming competitive with Indian, Yamaha, Harley, and KTM in the top 10.
  8. Cruizin

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  9. Cruizin

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  10. 00RAH

    Best FZ-07 tires?

    @mjh937 through experimenting with tyre pressures ive concluded that higher pressures ensure maximum tyre longevity. not really sure how it effects handling but the bike remains light and flickable. id like to add i ride only on the street, i weigh 140lbs and my shock preload is set at 0 or 1. ps. also less likely to pick up nails or other sharp objects
  11. mjh937

    Best FZ-07 tires?

    That pressure it quite a bit higher than Yamaha recommends. Why are you running those pressures and how does it effect the handling?
  12. Cruizin

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  13. 00RAH

    Best FZ-07 tires?

    Bridgestones 38 psi front 40 rear ❤
  14. glacierblue

    Best FZ-07 tires?

    I just put road 6s on mine and so far I love them! definitely would recommend. haven't put many miles on them yet but what I have ridden has been awesome!
  15. Last week
  16. Hamlet

    Best FZ-07 tires?

    Hello guys. This week I will change my rear tire and I will change my BT-016 hypersport-pro, for a sport-turing tire. I have two options but I have not take a final decision. I would like your opinion guys about this two options. Bridgestone T-32, it cost 185 CAD Micheline pilot road 6, it cost 260 CAD The price difference is tempting, but I am not sure whether the difference of tires is that much that deserves to invest 80 cad more for the pilot 6. Thanks guys for the opinion and have a nice ride.
  17. jb.junior

    R7 Slipper Clutch

    Glad to hear you like it. I'm going to put a stock engine together and may give it a try. I see. Thanks for that. I should have looked at the pictures and the manual more closely. I wasn't aware that it was the "stake" type, and not a triangular one-use type. So yeah, can for sure reuse if you can "stake" it again. Make sense.. (And actually, on an aftermarket clutch, it has its own type of nut anyway...)
  18. shinyribs

    mt 07 stall issue?

    Are all the vacuum caps in place and in good shape on the throttle body synch ports? That'll make one hard to start and run fussy. You get unmetered air that way. Air that the ECU can't account for.
  19. Evill_Ed

    R7 Slipper Clutch

    Not sure if you are asking me or not, but I like mine.It slips smoothly on down shifts and locks tight under acceleration plus it has a lighter pull at the lever. I'm not sure what more I could expect from it. As for the nut, if you able to stake it is a new spot, reusing should not be an issue. If you are buying the parts anyway, just order one (or more to have a spare) The nut itself won't fail, it is more about being able to stake it securely so it doesn't loosen during operation. Ed
  20. jb.junior

    R7 Slipper Clutch

    A fellow Moto America racer used the stock R7 clutch, didn’t like it and is putting in a slipper. Are you still feeling yours is sufficient? Also, how “bad” is it to reuse the boss nut? I have a racer friend (and former mechanic) who says he does it all the time, and it’s fine. And I have another smart, reasonable mechanic telling me it’s catastrophe,for sure.
  21. Smitty


    Clutch exploded now waiting on parts 

    1. Smitty


      Thoughts I just recently changed out the clutch not even 2 months. I broke it in. As a result of this Failure mid Wheelie The bike slammed down forward throwing me forward off the bike but I remember nothing I had all my gear on I woke up laying in the street and a passerby helping me CT scan revealed no problems but the whole side of my leg is bruised purple.

      Did I miss something was it installed improperly is this a common occurrence can I fix it somehow do we have better clutch plates and fibers what do you guys recommend. 


  22. ArturoM07

    1/4 Drag Time

    Yes This is my Mt. I’m almost done with the engine for looking new numbers
  23. union

    Trouble with 2wdw tune

    Got my ECU back today. Still having the same issues. Not sure what to do at this point. I did try to get a different O2 sensor thinking maybe I just got a bad sensor, but none of the places around me had it with the proper wire length. I might go back tomorrow and get one just to see if I can make it work. At the very least I would be able to plug it in and see if it is indeed a sensor issue. Up to this point 2WDW has been responsive and as helpful as they can be. I don't expect to change. It seems to be the FTECU stuff I'm having problems with. Since I am not their direct customer I've been feeding my info through 2WDW. At this point I kind of wish I just skipped their active tune stuff. Not all that impressed. I'm waiting to hear back from 2WDW to see what my next move will be. I'm thinking about taking the data logging stuff of the race bike and tossing it on the MT to see if we can find out what is going on. If we can find the problem maybe we can fix it.
  24. Cruizin

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  25. Thanks, they look good, I will look into those
  26. Cruizin

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