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  2. ...for a Spiedgler ABS Front & Rear brake line set installation. My brake line kit came with a free 250ml/8.8oz bottle of DOT4 which I believe to be drastically short of the amount needed to do a proper fill and bleed. Especially if you have issues getting those last pesky air bubbles out and you're using a pneumatic bleeder. Am I correct in my assumption? Would 500ml be more than enough? Since it's best practice to only use new fluid from a new sealed bottle, I want to make sure I have enough but not so much that I end up wasting half a large bottle. I guess I could buy numerous smaller bottles to minimize waste, but the larger bottles are usually much more economical. It's been 30 years since my last brake line replacement job and I wasn't paying attention back then to how much i was using since I didn't pay for the fluid.
  3. Mad

    MT07 FZ07 Turbo

    Why not using a Tracer 700 swingarm ? It’s 6 cm longer , aluminum and have a decent chain adjuster
  4. I've recently joined the club, after waiting all my years and passing all the tests required in the UK. I've been kitting out my 2017 mt 07 and I'm coming towards the end, however I'm looking to upgrade the headlight. I've read all the current forums about this topic already but there's never really been an end point or a finalised answer. I'm looking to put a more aggressive headlight assembly on my MT, i really like the look of any of the other mt line ups headlight, the MT 03 probably being my go to one. I know there's been a couple attempts or maybe one completed one I've seen on here but I'm struggling to find sources and any guiding info. I'm more than ready to get my hands dirty so any help really would be greatly appreciated. ride safe!
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  6. Cruizin

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    • Acmeracer4

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  7. twf

    Weatherproof electrical connector plugs?

    There is also this place for oem style Connectors We make and sell only the highest quality products.
  8. DewMan

    Weatherproof electrical connector plugs?

    I looked long and hard at those as well, but read a lot about hit or miss quality and didn't want to risk installing a bad one. I decided I'd rather spend a bit more and have a lower risk of having to redo any work. If money was more of a factor I would have gone with those.
  9. Cruizin

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  10. The same sound happens. The rag is just a way for me to put tension on the driveline to simulate the forces of accelerating away from a standstill. The noise is the same if I take off in first or second gear, and it's the same using the rag with the gearbox in neutral.
  11. shinyribs

    Weatherproof electrical connector plugs?

    I've been using these for Few years and they are real nice. Much more compact compared to weatherpacks at a fraction of the price.
  12. Mad

    Weatherproof electrical connector plugs?

    AliExpress is a phenomenal place for good quality electronic components: Promotion! 10 Kit 2 Pin Way Waterproof Electrical Wire Connector Plug|plug connector|kit connector2 pin way - AliExpress Smarter Shopping, Better Living! Aliexpress.com that looks good
  13. DewMan

    Weatherproof electrical connector plugs?

    I did end up going with Delphi weather pack connector kit. The Delphi connectors are highly rated for their quality, dependability and ease of install. I ordered the WP-405 kit. It's more connectors than I need but you never know when you might need to do some wiring on your vehicles. Sorry! Something went wrong! Thanks to everyone who responded. It's most appreciated.
  14. You sir are already a winner in every way
  15. Last week
  16. Good luck, hope it all goes well.
  17. Airbox came in and installed. Just need one final test ride to be sure no more tweaks are needed but I'm pretty sure everything is good to go. Ready for Road Atlanta 6 days early. N2 track day is sold out so I'll plan to race LWT SS with WERA on Saturday.
  18. Cruizin

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  19. Magnetic foot hold system installed today. Hordpower airbox should have come today but will tomorrow. That is the very last thing to do and then it's track ready.
  20. Kyle929

    WTB Passenger pegs, bracket, etc

    My thoughts exactly. Great group
  21. Pursuvant

    WTB Passenger pegs, bracket, etc

    That was fast Says much about the value of this forum, and people who contribute. I'm never disappointed when I start researching here Thx all who make this place a go-go
  22. Kyle929

    WTB Passenger pegs, bracket, etc

    Arrangements made. Thanks all who PM’d
  23. I called a dealership today and they confirmed that the service interval is 400 miles. Thanks for the quick response @mjh937!
  24. @Jayl I think you are looking at a metric manual and they are 6,000 km intervals. The FZ-07 was not available in the US until 2015 so anything before that would not be in miles. Here is a page from the 2015 owners manual showing 4,000 mile intervals.
  25. What happens if you put the bike into a gear and do both the test with and without the rag?
  26. Sorry to necro this thread, but I just noticed something: the service intervals listed in your pdf are for every 4000 miles. However, according to the 2014 manual I have and the owner's manual, the service is done every 6000 miles. Can anyone explain this discrepancy?
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