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    Welcome to the forum, CY0ny

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  4. peteinpa

    Rear brake pedal problem.

    Before you pushed the pistons in to make room for the new pads did you clean them? They get road dirt and even corrosion on them that needs cleaned off so it is not shoved passed the seals. I've owned many bikes, some with 80-100k miles and never rebuilt a caliper or MC. This is VERY unusual for such low mileage and age.
  5. Cruizin

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    Welcome to the forum, SqueakyDeath

  6. Orcundip

    MT-07 Dashboard

    I have the same problem please let me now if you fix this. Some people says can be a battery problem.
  7. Cruizin

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    Welcome to the forum, Orcundip

  8. Here’s a few pics. No resolution as of yet. I’m going to rebuild or replace the MC as the cups seem to be the problem from what I researched. Rebuilt caliper already. Below is a lighting issue I think, I’ll pull it tomorrow again and check.
  9. Done. Same issue.Bottoming out no feeling at the pedal.
  10. Cruizin

    Become a "Supporting Member"-

    Wow, thanks for the props and for being a supporting member! This forum is special to me. It's the first bike forum that I built and many others have helped it grow. From the volunteer moderators to the members like you and others who are always quick to help new members and riders The forum headquarters are in my house. My wife and I pay for the forums and any fees paid to us go right back into the cost of hosting this forum as well as the software licenses fees and the many forum upgrades that we have added over the years. I'm thrilled that we have grown like we have. Look at our huge diy tech tip section, and all the money people have saved by using those tech tips to learn how to install things themselves instead of paying a dealer outrageous shop fees. I'm proud of that . And I'm proud of all of you members . Our reputation as a forum is your reputation . On average , about one person per month joins our supporting member program . I do a lil dance Everytime because that's one less forum bill my wife and I have to pay. Thanks again to all of you, for making this forum so awesome!
  11. RobZilla

    FZ-09 Akra tip in an FZ-07 akra ex?! whaaa?

    Anybody cut the flange off the mt09 baffle?
  12. Evill_Ed

    Hide your Women and Children

    You’re killin’ me Geldz
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  14. mjh937

    Hide your Women and Children

    Here is a photo I took in of Area 51. I think I can just make out @pgeldz's bike starting a speed run up the runway .
  15. Business is good and we keep taking more and more orders for parts and helping with some really neat projects with people. Here’s the catch... at this moment we have a couple big projects to build for the coming MotoAmerica series that will need significant attention in the form of complete MA twins bikes For a couple weeks I’m going to have to turn down any custom work or building any items for customer that are currently of stock until after we complete the bikes for customers. I won’t be taking deposits for parts I can’t ship in a timely manner unless you want to arrange to it by email through the website. This is just a note for the community, we want to provide not only nice custom parts but a great experience as well. As many of you know I do this mostly for the love of the sport and it’s definitely not what pays my bills. Thanks for your understanding.
  16. DewMan

    Hide your Women and Children

    Your significant other must really like the way you tease.
  17. Me too, you have no idea!
  18. pgeldz

    Hide your Women and Children

    Got the mechanicals all done yesterday with the spare set of bodywork... Should be able to finish it soon!!!
  19. Gary10

    MT-07 Dashboard

    Hi Cornerslider, I’ll give this a go, and update on the result. thanks
  20. 1tondriver

    Become a "Supporting Member"-

    Well said @cornerslider This forum is very different than others I have participated on. Just about anyone would give their shirt of their back to help a fellow member. You are more part of a brotherhood (or sisterhood) here and I am happy to give just a little of my money to support this family. I get way more out of it than what I donated to become a forum supporter. @cornerslider said it well, consider paying it forward to keep it the best forum on the web.
  21. 1tondriver

    Hide your Women and Children

    Alright Paul stop posting your grainy Area 51 photos and let’s see the real deal
  22. I'm dying to see this completed!!
  23. Finally, all the mechanicals are DONE! Managed to get the custom brake lines all installed and bled, cleaned front and rear calipers and installed new pads, rear shock is in with proper length bolts in the new linkage, carbon heal guards installed, throttle cables finally adjusted, new clutch cable routed much better (still a little long though), and all the electronics and cabling all tidied up. Stock front fender is cut like my rendering (which I know, you haven't seen yet, haha). Still have to cut my carbon one, and install my new grips, then I can install my bodywork, YaY! Sneek peek with the mock up nose and tank cover in place
  24. Very cool! Can't wait to see it all done!
  25. pgeldz

    FZ/MT07 Oil Containment Belly Pan.

    Yessir, this is the one I made. Skin tight tailored fit, with enough surface area for MotoAmerica legal sized numbers
  26. I have ZERO to gain on this post.... I'm very active on this forum, and I'm proud to be "supporting member". I also own a 2019 Yamaha R3, and I'm very active on that forum as well. This forum is the BEST I've ever been a part of. No question is a "dumb" question. People here are classy.... Know one here will attack you for being "new" to the FZ/MT-07 family. We can ALL help each other out with troubleshooting problems, or asking for help/advise. Please consider becoming a supporting member. We have a great thing here. It costs money to be the BEST! Please consider "paying it forward"-
  27. RobZilla

    FZ-09 Akra tip in an FZ-07 akra ex?! whaaa?

    Did you cut the flange off?
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