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  2. That or the mustang I've read is amazing. The comfort seat I can ride for 2+ hours with minimal discomfort, in it's defense it still has a "break in" period. Great seat, I'm happy with it, stitching looks sweet to.
  3. Maybe you could save those cartridges. Replace bent part.
  4. mossrider

    Crossthread machine shop

    You got helpful kids? Must be some kind of anomoly. My wife kept letting mine outta the gunny sack on the riverbank. I see we have work to do this winter, scratches chin.... And God speed with the divorce crap. Hope that's goes quickly for all y'all.
  5. AlbatrossCafe

    Repairing front end after crash (build thread)

    You are right. Had a cartridge kit with stiffer sprints for my 220lb build. Andreani I think they were? Looks about right from the image below. So do those run the entire length of the fork, which case I would have to replace the entire set? Seems like I should get a set of replacement forks, the cartridge kit, and take the pair to a shop to have them install.
  6. mossrider

    Dealership servicing after flash?

    It shouldn't, provided you have a decent service manager/mechanic and you let them know it's flashed to match the pipe and any other mods you have. They can work around it easily. My dealer buddy ignores unrelated mods when it comes to warranty work and treats the paperwork as if the bike is stock, doesn't cook the books, just doesn't volunteer any irrelevant info.
  7. What track were you at? Way to have spares. Saves you a bunch of aggregation and keeps you from loading up and cutting a glorious day short. Going down is exciting but I'd stop short of calling it fun, lol. Sounds like you had a great time.
  8. 2wheeldynoworks

    Dealership servicing after flash?

    We have dealerships send us brand new bikes, right off the showroom floor, for ECU flashing on a daily basis! The VERY worst case scenario would that if you ever had to file a serious engine claim with Yamaha, you would want to send us the ECU back so we could flash it back to stock. All reflashing is done at no charge after the initial flash.
  9. I just installed a Yoshimura R77 exhaust without the baffle. It sounds amazing but I'd like the bike to not run lean and from everything I've read it appears an ECU flash from @2wheeldynoworks is the solution I'm looking for. The only thing stopping me from sending in my ECU for a flash is fear that my dealership may deny servicing my bike or messing up the ECU when servicing. I do most of my own maintenance I'd like the option for servicing when things go over my head. Side note, I'm not concerned about voiding the warranty. So am I being paranoid? Will flashing my ECU cause issues with the dealership servicing my bike?
  10. Well today I went to the track so here's the report and what I did (sorry i forgot to buy pics from the photographer). So session 1 I came out hot. Was flying from the jump (in the novice group) 5 laps in I lowsided on exit of a long left. I'm not exactly sure what I did wrong. I slid for awhile on the asphalt before getting up and running to my bike, picked it up and rode it back to the paddock. Damage report: bent handle bar, broken clutch lever, dented air scoop. The footpeg and toe peg broke off on the shifter side. No damages anywhere else on the bike. I had an extra clutch lever and handle bar with me so swap those out real quick. I had woodcraft rearset on and so I slapped on some new pegs and before you know it was back out from the second session. During the lunch break I swapped out the woodcraft rearset for the OEM rearsets because I was gonna do that anyway to prep my bike for the scrambler build that I will be taking on the mid Atlantic backroad discovery road. After lunch I went back out and once I got up to speed my toe started scraping on the ground because of the stock pegs and lazy foot position. Overall I had a great day. First time going down on the track was a good experience. My goal was to do 6 track day this year and that was number 3 for me.
  11. My gut says stick withe the FZ-07.... My wife really likes the Monster 796 as well. I mean who wouldn't? They are beautiful, and sexy as hell!!!! After you get past the pretty red "Italian" wrapper, you've got a a high-maintenance bike, that LACKS liquid-cooling! I love Ducati as much as anyone, but this isn't the 1970's. I personally will not own a bike that is air-cooled. Just my two cents -
  12. Zeus

    Stock Exhaust or Aftermarket?

    I plan on having a shop custom fab a muffler delete. I need to hear this bike in person again, the videos don't do it justice.
  13. Maybe too late, but a lot of people here run the Renthal "Ultra-Low" bars (myself included). They're really easy to install. They are about 2 inches lower, and about 1-1/2" wider. All the control cables fit like they are OEM. Might want to give them a look?
  14. I like it. I've used engine braking with all the stick shift cars I've owned so implementing into riding was natural for me
  15. cornerslider

    Repairing front end after crash (build thread)

    In a couple of the pics, it looks like you have a "cartridge kit" in the forks...... or, are those just aftermarket preload adjusters? (you didn't mention if you're the original owner). If those have a cartridge kit, it can get sorta pricey to replace. I think the cheapest kit runs around $600 + labor-
  16. Yesterday
  17. Beemer

    Infiltrating from Thailand

    They must not be convex if you can't see much in them.
  18. peteinpa

    Repairing front end after crash (build thread)

    With a hit like that check the steering stem (gooseneck) and steering head bearings VERY closely.
  19. I've had them through the years, they are nice. Only problem the holes fill with water when it rains.
  20. I got pro tapers since I'm 6 ft tall. It'll put me in a more aggressive stance. My only problem at the moment is trying to put my clutch holder in the bar itself. I ended up breaking it and had to buy a new one. The plan now is to sand down the inner diameter so it can be a bit bigger and using the set screw to hold it in place unless you have any other ideas.
  21. What's your skillset? I'm 6'1" 215 (newbie) and have no issues pulling power wheelies in 1st/2nd. I unintentionally clutched up once and scared the s*** out of myself. My best wheelie to date
  22. kylerhsm

    FZ07 error code reader OBD2 kit?

    I just cleared a code on my 2017 MT07 HO (Australia) using VCDS software on a laptop combined with this cable and it worked a treat, but I'm guessing that it must differ depending on which country your bike originated from. I can't help you American's, but for Euro and AU/NZ boys, this is the solution. Yamaha OBD2 Scanner MT-09 MT09 XSR 900 FJR1300 MT10 MT10SP MT07HO XSR700 MT03 MT10 + MT10SP: 2016 2017 2018 2019. MT07HO: 2017 2018 2019. MT09 MT09SP: 2016 EU/Australia/NZ Only -2017- 2018 2019 all countries. Does not work on 2013 to 2015 MT09. MT03 2018 2019. FJR1300: 2016 2017...
  23. Easy enough, leave the chain and everything on, just pull the axle and let the wheel sit on the floor while you unf**k the adjuster.
  24. blackout

    Crossthread machine shop

    My oldest son 3d printed this stack for me for a possible winter project. Its printed from a flexible polymer, can't remember what it's called.
  25. blackout

    Crossthread machine shop

    Lol. I need to get back to the track. Only two trackdays so far. I'm deep in the divorce now, and it's not looking pretty.... I almost signed up for next weekend, but too much crap to deal with now. Hoping for some rainy fall trackdays.
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