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    Welcome to the forum, Kman82

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  4. Sunnycalibear

    WTB Passenger pegs

    Purchased my fz07 used and it didnt come with passenger pegs. Looking to purchase the full assembly off whoever has taken theirs off. Mine is a 2015.
  5. Sunnycalibear

    Affordable Electric Commuter Coming this Fall

    The million $ question here is how many miles per charge?
  6. Sunnycalibear

    Bay Area Riders

    I was wondering how many riders are here in the bay area and would be willing to meet for a ride? I had hwy 9/17/35 area in mind but I'm open to any other places those are the areas I am just familiar with. Would like to see some other fz07s and maybe learn a thing or two about riding!
  7. I believe you do list the price based off your bikes condition prior to the theft. I think this shouldn't effect you in any way its just for the bike history when searched on Carfax etc.
  8. Sunnycalibear

    Street Boot Recommendations

    I have a pair of alpinestars J-6 WP and they are great for casual wearing with decent protection. Theyre water proof which makes them very warm. I like them alot during our cali winters. Will most likely buy another pair that is more breathable when the weather gets warmer.
  9. Sunnycalibear

    Get An Exhaust!! (Akrapovic Ti)

    this is about to be my first purchase with my tax return im convinced
  10. Sunnycalibear

    Modify FZ-07 Stock Exhaust

    Im enjoying my quiet stock system for the time being. Just waiting a few more months for the weather to be warmer to justify purchasing the akra ti lol
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  12. stickshift

    Best FZ-07 tires?

    You’d be better off getting a pilot road 4 or 5. Similar profile to yours and grip characteristics. You should be still able to find a 4 for a good price.
  13. Wow. Did not see a (partially) dropped valve coming. Glad that you got it sorted, hate that you had to go the long way around. Not super uncommon for keepers to pop out when in the hands of a dude bro type. You know, the rev bomber listen to my sick pipe on the rec limiter braaaDADADADADADADA type.
  14. Curious kid

    Best FZ-07 tires?

    Recently found a screw in my rear tire (pilot road 3). Can't seem to find that particular tire in stock anywhere though. Would it be ok to have mixed brand tires on (thinking of getting the Pirelli Angel gt) or should I stick with pilot roads if purchasing only the rear?
  15. stickshift

    Ohlins Cartridge Compression Damping

    Are still you using the standard shock? (Just assuming this as most aftermarket shocks don’t have stepped preload adjustments). If so, that standard shock will be exacerbating your front end issues big time. I wouldn’t spend any more on the front end until you fit a decent aftermarket shock. You shouldn’t go lighter than 8.5 front springs in the cartridges (even for your weight) as the torque of the engine too easily extends the forks with lighter springs than this. I’m happy with the Nix 22 on both road and track days (medium-fast group, with basic ohlins shock in the back). I’m sure you could do better for racing, but for the price and purposes the combination works well. I change settings between track and road: recommended settings for track (8 clicks out for comp, 10 rebound), softer for the road (10 & 12 clicks out). Forks are raised 10 mm above the yoke, I weigh 145 lb.
  16. stickshift

    Modify FZ-07 Stock Exhaust

    I liked how quiet the stock system is. I now have the Akra ti, and with the baffle in it’s the same sound level as stock at the revs noise is tested at (5000 rpm?). It would be even quieter with the (optional) cat fitted. At lower revs it has more volume and bass than the stock system (sounds beautiful!).
  17. M. Hausknecht

    Bought used bike-not sure if it's tuned

    No cat and not EURO 4, so it might benefit from a flash. I too would ask IXIL US.
  18. JeffroTull

    Bought used bike-not sure if it's tuned

    Thanks for the reply Cornerslider, this is mainly what I was wanting to know. I may try to contact 2wdw this week to verify, but it's glad to know that you had a similar issue and they'll work with you. If all I have to lose is some shipping costs then that may be the way to go.
  19. JeffroTull

    Bought used bike-not sure if it's tuned

    That is what I gathered as well Jim. That does appear to be the model on the bike.
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  21. cornerslider

    Bought used bike-not sure if it's tuned

    I recently went down this road with an R3 that I bought used.... The short answer is "yes"- you can send your ECU off to 2WDW, and they will tell you if it's been flashed or not. You will have to pay for shipping (both ways if it's NOT flashed). If it's not flashed, and you want them to flash it, I think they cover the return shipping? If it's not flashed, I would HIGHLY recommend having them do it. My R3 is pretty much "stock", and after they flashed it, the bike did EVERYTHING much better. Just my thoughts-
  22. Triple Jim

    Modify FZ-07 Stock Exhaust

    Does anyone else like the way the stock system is very quiet, or am I the only one?
  23. Cruizin

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    Welcome to the forum, 19MTMike

    1. 19MTMike


      Thanks!  Looks like a lot of good FZ/MT info to be shared on the site!

  24. Triple Jim

    Bought used bike-not sure if it's tuned

    Jeff, I notice a little snatchiness, but only in first gear. If I'm careful with my throttle hand I can avoid it. I think in a couple thousand miles I'll be used to the throttle enough that I won't notice it any more. It may be that you have enough experience with different twist grips that it doesn't bother you either. It looks to me like you have the "Hyperlow" exhaust system. I don't see anything about a catalytic converter or Euro 4 in that description. I suppose you could ask IXIL about their recommendations for fueling modifications with this pipe. IXIL L3XB BLACK HYPERLOW XL FULL EXHAUST YAMAHA MT-07 2014-2019 - IXIL USA Ixil USA is the official distributor of Ixil exhaust for the USA. Visit our website to buy exhaust and silencers for your bike.
  25. JeffroTull

    Bought used bike-not sure if it's tuned

    Is the Y-fitting with the O2 sensor a cat? If not I don't think it has one.
  26. M. Hausknecht

    Bought used bike-not sure if it's tuned

    Dunno but I did some poking around. IXIL appears to have several pipes for the 07 and most or all are EURO 4 compliant. They appear to have catalytic converters. They are lighter than stock and at least some are louder. I suspect they don't flow much if any differently than the stock system, therefore, shouldn't need flashing. Moreover, I believe the EURO 4 compliance necessarily precludes reflashing of the ECU.
  27. I would say yes. The cool thing about this lock is that the alarm is not too sensitive like the Xena which is useless due to the hyper-sensitivity of the alarm. While I never tried to lift the bike to test it, I do know that any movement of the wheel will trigger it. I think that it would be impossible to lift a motorcycle without movement of the wheel. The alarm is seriously loud with several warning beeps before it goes full-on. With a disc lock on both wheels, you eliminate both forward and rearward motion of the bike, and get the sound of double alarms.
  28. Ok guys, I apologize if this post is answered somewhere else and I'm cluttering up the site. I just purchased this MT 07 yesterday. It's a 2020 with about 1,000 miles on the clock. I purchased it from a dealer that took it in on trade and had very little info about the bikes history. The only mod done to the bike that I can see is that it has an IXIL (what appears to be a full system) pipe, but I have no way to know whether the bike has been tuned. When I went to look at the bike I was unaware it had a pipe installed because all I had seen was a stock photo, so that was a nice surprise. I had hoped to pop the seat, and tank (cover? side panel?) off to expose the ECU and find some sort of pigtail that would tell me it had been tuned -- no such luck. there appears to be no extra wires in the ECU plug that didn't come from the original harness, no any extra grounds. As far as I can tell the bike runs just fine, but this is the first time I have ever ridden the MT-07 so I don't have any basis for comparison. It sounds healthy to my untrained ears and doesn't make a lot of crackles and pops, nor do I get a real noticeable snatchy on/off sensation that other people claim to experience. The OEM snorkel is still intact as well. What are the odds the ECU has already received a reflash with a new map for the exhaust? Is there a way I can send this off and have it checked without incurring a fee (if it already has one, and no tuning is necessitated)? With no obvious indicators either way and no way to get in touch with the previous owner, what should my next move be? Thanks in advance.
  29. Cruizin

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    Welcome to the forum, JeffroTull

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      Thank you!

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