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    • New Supporting Member Program, go "ad free" and get unlimited pic hosting & much more!
      Over the years, you have probably noticed that some members have a badge under their usernames, next to their posts titled "Premium Member" .  This means that member decided to contribute to the forum and help pay for the cost of this place. 

      From now on, when someone becomes a "Supporting Member" , it will be instant, as soon as you make your payment, the software will switch you over to a "Supporting Member" right away. No more waiting!

      The regular premium member program is going away.  It is simply being replaced by the Supporting Member program, same perks, in fact we even added a few more perks. 

      PRICE; Same as the old Premium Member pricing. $50.00 usd per year. 


      100% ad free experience on the forum. 

      Unlimited amount of images in Gallery Album! 

      You can have signatures in your posts. Up to two lines of text. 

      You can have one 400 X 400 px- image in your signature too.

      You can post one link in your sig. (no motorcycle retail/self owned motorcycle related business links please) 

      You can upload an unlimited amount of images on the forum. (regular members are limited as to how many pics we will host). 

      Each of your images can be up to 10 MB in size. (please resize & keep them as small px as possible to help my server) 

      You can edit your posts anytime. regular members can only edit posts within 60 minutes of posting. 

      Your posts edits can be silent. ( no more edited by and time/date), if you choose! 

      You can lock and unlock your topics/threads. Locking means nobody else can reply anymore.

      You can start conversations/Pm's with up to 5 people at a time. Regular members only 1 at a time. 

      You have unlimited PM storage.  regular members have a storage of 30 pm's. 

      You can have an animated avatar!! As long as it is under 500 kb's in size. 

      To become a Supporting Member , simply click on the "Subscriptions" icon at the top of the website. If you are on a phone or tablet, click the three lines at the top right of the screen and click on subscriptions. 

      The forum and all of our perks are expensive to run. Pic hosting is especially expensive. We are not a large corporation, my wife and I pay for this forum out of our own pockets. So we really appreciate it anytime someone decides to become a supporting member. 


      Existing Premium Members,  I will be sending you a email soon with details about switching you over to the new program. 

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    • Support the forum and get a killer tshirt or mug
      Forums are expensive to run, host and maintain and I pretty much do it out of my own pockets to keep this place going. So, to help pay for these things and keep my wife off my back, we sell tshirts that are pretty cool.

      Its a great way to help keep the forum going for your enjoyment and tech use. 

      Check em all out here 

      The FZ-07 forums store

      The place to get FZ07.org Apparel and other branded goods! FZ07.org is not associated with Yamaha in any way. We are the FZ-07 Forums!



      Coffee Mug

      MT07 Tshirt Front and back in blue. Many other color options available


      FZ07 Tshirt front and back in White


      MT07 Hoodie, front only, many colors available. Also Available in FZ07 style. 


      FZ07 version hoodie in White 

      Also available in high viz Orange, or Purple!


      And we also have long sleeve shirts in both MT and FZ styles!



      And lastly, we also have womens style tshirts in various colors and styles

      Get yours today and help me keep this forum going for all of you! 


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    • How to post pics & most everything else
      Use and follow this topic as we discuss how to do important actions on the MT07/FZ07 Forum.
      Seriously, follow this thread so that you get notified of updates and new features as they come out!
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