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    • norcal616
      ehhhh...its not the original headlight style, they coulda kept the same singular headlight but made it so half lights up for low beam and keep the other half dimly lit till high beams are needed...
    • stickshift
        Metal tank cover, removable subframe, metal rear fender, rear light setup, higher quality (and bigger) seat.   I imagine the XSR would cost more to manufacture than the base model FZ/MT. And there will be less numbers sold.   I think they look cool, but I wouldn't trade in my MT. The two models are really only different in appearance (and slight change to ride position).
    • dmoney
      Here it is. I personally hate it. I didnt actually like the current light because i thought it was a bit on the boring side but its grown on me. The new one just looks hideous to me
    • Odd Marius Stubbe Glesnes
      Today I removed some of the touring stuff from the previous owner, and made it a little more clean. Still waiting for the exhaust and some small bits and pieces.   List of stuff I put on today:   Ebay wind screen Snell low&wide handle bar Some generic bar end mirrors Tail tidy Some cheap blinkers from Ebay Plasti dipped some of the silver   Really happy with the bike, sharper turns and I'm sitting at a better angle with the lower bars.
    • magdfarid
      Hello everyone.   I just came across this article by MCN! Yamaha MT07/FZ07 is getting a new headlight soon! Here's a link to the full article.   I wonder what the final result would look like 😮
    • stev74
      Hi Msesma!
      Thank you too!

      The cables don't exist.
      You are absolutely right with the diodes. You can make it without them too. Its just a protection if you accidently touching 12V somewhere during soldering your external switches. If you are careful you don't need it.

      I'm not sure if I understand the last question correct. Do you mean where to get this small socket pins for the original connector? (you can get it here --> https://www.digikey.at/product-detail/de/jae-electronics/M34S75C4F1/670-2268-1-ND/2044290 )
    • Nekkid07
        How have i not seen that thread before?! So simple, but does the job efficiently.  Will be doing this exact method. 👍
    • stickshift
      Yes. Textile (laundry) markers withstand washing machine abuse.
    • crsnhppr
      Y'all gonna offer the MIVV exhausts?
    • shinyribs
      I wonder how the suspension varies between the FZ/MT-07 and the Tracer? I'm curious if a tracer rear shock would be an affordable,bolt-in option to cure the under-damped 07 shock.
    • Mr.Puss
      Oh China...always, original.   Very suitably,  utilitarian.
    • yamahazaki
      It only took us 2 years to get the xsr700.
    • shinyribs
      Thanks! It passed the first leak test, but I haven't yet charged it with nitrogen. Decided I would just go ahead and setup a nitrogen charging station at home, so I'm waiting on those parts to show up. In the meantime I did knock the spring back off the shock and installed it in the bike. Wanted to work the shock through the whole range of wheel travel and check for any clearance issues. All clear   Reckon maybe I shoulda just made this a thread of tidbits I'm doing to the bike here and there,instead of initially making it a shock thread. Oh well.   Turned up a pair of bushings to get rid of those ridiculously floppy things Yamaha put in for bar mounts. Did this earlier in the week, but after a few hundred miles I can say that I see no extra vibration in the bars. Control over the bike in parking lot situations is vastly improved.   Requires a little dish on the bottom side to fit properly, but I reckon you could make do with a simple washer, too.     Tonight, turned up a pair of spools. I just popped a couple holes in the swinger to bolt them on,but I figured a backing plate for the interior of the swinger wouldn't be a bad idea either. Pretty pleased with how these turned out, even if it is a very simple piece.       Few other bits being made up, but nothing finalized yet, so pics will wait til it's done. Sorting out some luggage issues and a clock relocation/windscreen setup.  
    • allbeefpatty
      Ahoy! That's where the good riding is! I prefer 1/2" manila rope; water evacuation is second to none!  But to each their own ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The rear does have an emergency PR4 thanks to the nail I caught at around 800 miles. I'm also finding the BT023 on the front ain't so bad in the wet.
    • CarGuy7a
      http://vid34.photobucket.com/albums/d128/CarGuy7a/Custom Exhaust_zpsdxs5wxqw.mp4   Here's the video. Best heard with headphones I had to adjust the volume level down a bit it was way too loud at 100% in the editing software. Steady RPM revs were at 3000 rpm higher rev peaks at 5000 and a few good blip pops with the DB killer out.


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